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Healing Starts With You

Nursing is the heartbeat of the healing process for patients. Quality healthcare depends on your kindness, and dedication to building trust at vulnerable times. We want to thank you for your hard work and commitment to helping patients throughout their healing process.


It’s BHMT’s mission to provide you with union-backed, in-demand, skill-building, and education resources at low-cost or even no-cost, so you can continue to improve patient outcomes and advance in your career.

Maximize Clinical Confidence


CTU/Hippo Bootcamps offer focused learning experiences designed by qualified clinicians, ranging from just a few hours to more intensive programs. They are 100% online, and self-paced so you can fit them into your busy schedule.

The Value of Certification


Nursing certifications are a great option for nurses. Earning a nursing certification demonstrates your knowledge and skills in a specialized area of practice which allows you to make clinical decisions with confidence.

Achieving Work-Life Balance


Long hours and demanding work make it hard for nurses to find time for family and friends before factoring in career development. Take a few minutes to learn how you can cultivate a better work-life balance.