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Explore the KP Careers Site

Explore the KP Careers Site

Career Areas

To learn more about careers opportunities at KP, visit the KP Careers website.

Search Jobs

To look for jobs currently available at KP, click on the blue Search Jobs button. To refine your search, you can also enter keywords, locations, and a search radius before you click the Search Jobs button.

Suggestion: You can review KP’s step-by-step guide for further job search tips.

KP Pre-hire Assessments

Kaiser’s Talent Acquisition states that for some positions pre-hire assessments to test aptitude, behavior, skills, and job knowledge may be required.

Be sure you review the Kaiser job posting you are interested in pursuing to see if pre-hire assessments are required. Common assessments include typing, basic computer literacy, cash handling, customer service and medical terminology.

KP Career Paths

Career paths highlight many key healthcare positions at KP, by department, within each region. When you are researching job titles, visit KP Career Planning.


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