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Regional Training Programs


Regional Training Programs are funded to address the myriad of needs as they arise in each Region. The Summary Plan Description enumerates the intent and type of training and educational programs and funding that the Trust might provide.

Types of Programs Funded

The Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust will provide Workforce development programs and services in the following areas:


Career Preparation Services and/or Course Prerequisites

  • Basic skills
  • Second language
  • Computer training
  • Technology training


Nurse Education

  • Support for participation in education and training leading to new nursing degrees, credentials and/or specialties.
  • Courses to enhance skills of current nurses


Professional/Technical Education

  • Support for participation in education and training leading to new degrees, licenses and credentials in critical, high demand/hard-to-fill classifications and positions. Joint Regional Workforce Development Teams determine critical classifications through systematic WFP/D process which identifies classifications eligible for funding.


Customized Education and Training

  • Assistance to employees for obtaining new positions at KP including support and on-the-job paid training for those employees whose jobs have been eliminated. Redeployment assistance and programs available for employees to enhance and support the Employment and Income Security Agreement.



Program Criteria

In keeping with the purpose of BHMT, the programs funded should meet as many of the following criteria as possible:


  • Support career and personal development
  • Lead to a license, certification or accreditation
  • Address organizational needs in critical positions and strategic staffing
  • Promote employment security or mitigate the effects of redeployment
  • Reduce extraordinary staffing costs, e.g. registry, overtime or turnover
  • BHMT has sufficient resources to fund the training program




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