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Family Benefits


As a KP employee, you have access to a broad range of programs to help you develop as an individual and as a professional. Now, BHMT provides access to programs that can help your family. Make sure to share these great resources with your family.

Reading and Vocabulary Builder for Your Kids

If you’re trying to navigate these strange times AND keep your children learning online, you can now take advantage of these powerful resources that teachers, parents and kids love. AMEnglish provides your family with two engaging programs that target vocabulary, reading and comprehension: “Read Aloud eBooks with Adaptive Assessment” for grades K to 6 and “Vocabulary Builder” for grades 6 to 8.

Personal Financial Management

Create a plan that can help you be better equipped to secure your financial future. Whether you want to create a budget, pay off debt, save for a down payment, or plan for retirement, now, you can learn the skills needed to achieve your financial goals today…and in the future. These resources are open to your family members, too.