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Proactive Career Strategies

Proactive career strategies put you in the driver’s seat so you can control your career path. Here are several actionable strategies you can put into practice today to chart a career map that leads to real career satisfaction.

Refine Your KP Candidate Profile

KP Talent Acquisition uses the information you include in your KP candidate profile when they evaluate your qualifications for a position you are applying for. So be sure to add any relevant information to your profile that will demonstrate you have the passion, required skills and experience for each job submission.


Need to strengthen your KP candidate profile? Learn how.

Explore the KP Careers Site

Learn more about searching for jobs within KP, the types of career paths available, and the job families and services available in various regions throughout Kaiser Permanente.

KP Mentoring

Make a friend. Build your network. Use the KP Mentoring website to get information on new job areas that interest you, or to build long term relationships in a job area you want to move into.

Tune Up Your Resume

Submitting a targeted resume for each job of interest makes it easy for Talent Acquisition to see how your experience and education match the job’s requirements.


Learn how to develop a targeted resume for the job you want.

Strategies for Effective Interviewing

The purpose of an interview is to determine whether you are right for the job and whether the job is right for you. Learn tips for effectively communicating how your skills and abilities make you a good candidate for positions within KP.


Tips for a Successful Interview