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Stackable credentials are certificates that allow you to build on your qualifications to progress on a career path to potentially higher salaried positions. Stackable credentials are building blocks that can stand independently, supplement a degree with additional skills, or progressively move into a higher-level degree. BHMT offers a wide variety of academic, clinical, and non-clinical certificates and certification programs. Stackable credentials make education available to learners who have full-time jobs, who are not ready to jump into a degree program just yet, or who simply want to increase their skills and knowledge in a specific field. Take the next step in your education and your career today!


Advance in your career or begin a new one with an Academic Certificate. Academic Certificates are ideal if you want deeper knowledge in a particular field. They can also help to enhance your knowledge and skills beyond your degree. Not ready to start a degree program right now? No problem! Completing an Academic Certificate can take less time than completing a degree, so it’s an ideal way to quickly improve your professional skills, gain practical training, or explore alternate careers.


A Clinical Certification is a credential that you earn to show that you have specific skills or knowledge in a particular medical field. Our Clinical Certifications can help you expand your career opportunities, gain skills and tools to help you make a difference at KP, and demonstrate your commitment to continuing your professional development.


Our Non-Clinical Certifications can help you gain knowledge in key areas and demonstrate your dedication and professional commitment. Set yourself up for success and advance in your profession by refreshing your current skill set, deepening your understanding, or even branching out and discovering new areas of interest.

Digital Credentials

A Digital Credential is a great way for you to “get your feet wet” in higher education. It signifies that you have developed certain competencies as a result of successfully completing projects or coursework. A Digital Badge will be issued at the end of your courses and may be used to enhance credentials or demonstrate your achievement of specific skills.