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Course Packs

Course Packs consist of a series of short courses customized to help you take a deep dive into a topic and expand your skill sets, or to learn new skills. Use course packs to explore subjects at your own pace so you can build your knowledge base and prepare for career advancement at Kaiser Permanente.

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence measures your ability to improve awareness, control, and expression of emotions. Learn how you can use that awareness empathetically in your interpersonal relationships. In the Intro to Emotional intelligence Course Pack, you will learn how to make more informed decisions, solve problems, and communicate more effectively based upon an awareness of emotions.

Introduction to Time Management

Time management helps you work smarter rather than harder. Efficient time management can have a positive impact on your work output and your life. Developing these skills can be an asset that you can benefit from, and overall makes you a better team member.