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Financial Assistance


If you think college is out of reach for you for financial reasons, think again. Learn more about the financial resources available to you through BHMT such as the Individual Stipend Program (ISP) and the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). Now, you can plan for the future without breaking the bank.

Individual Stipend

A ‘stipend’ is wage replacement income that is paid directly from BHMT to you for class work or study time, provided you meet certain criteria and are participating in a program that supports a career path within Kaiser Permanente. With your manager’s approval to participate in the Individual Stipend Program, there are 1 to 16 stipend hours per pay period available to you. You must talk with your manager to coordinate schedules and to approve time off work each pay period. Invest in your career development at Kaiser Permanente and BHMT will invest in you.

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

TAP works in conjunction with your KP Tuition Reimbursement (TR) benefit. For those not participating in BHMT funded academic courses, BHMT will pay tuition expenses directly to your school on your behalf.  BHMT can also reimburse you instead once you submit proof of payment, versus after course completion. All non-travel related expenses eligible for payment under KP’s TR policy are TAP eligible. TAP into your KP TR Benefit today!