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Cohort Training

Regional Training Programs (RTP) and Multi-Regional Training Programs (MRTP) are great ways to drive group learning experiences at your local level. Build your team to higher levels and keep them current with specific training needs. Come learn how to make these programs work for you and your region.

Regional Training Programs

Regional Training Programs are funded to address the myriad of needs as they arise in each Region. The Summary Plan Description enumerates the intent and type of training and educational programs and funding that the Trust might provide.  These programs provided by BHMT are proposed by a specific region to accommodate their current employee population.

Multi-Regional Training Programs

Multi-Regional Training Programs are funded to address the myriad needs of multiple Regions.  This program helps to deliver common needs through the regions of Kaiser Permanente.  These programs provided by BHMT promote career and personal development, address organizational needs in critical positions, and enhance skills of current employees.