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Client Services Team

Meet Your Client Services Team

Your Client Services Team is here to help you achieve your education and career goals, and to ensure that you get the most from your education benefits. Their insight and expertise will help you develop a customized plan that supports every phase of your education path.

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Career Development Coach

Your Career Development Coach is on your team to help you define your career path whether you are new to the workforce, want to take on new challenges, or want to change direction. Your Career Development Coach will help you:

  1. Explore your strengths, interests, and career options.
  2. Design your career plan and review what education options (such as degree type and major focus/concentrations) will help you achieve your plan.
  3. Identify your readiness to learn – so you are prepared for the impact of adding continuing education to your work-life, homelife and career goals.
  4. Introduce you to your Academic Success Coach so you can learn about and participate in BHMT educational programs.
  5. Provide ongoing support including goal setting and job search skills.

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Academic Success Coach

Once you have your career path defined, your Academic Success Coach will work with you to identify the education goals you need to get you there. Your Academic Success Coach will help you:

  1. Select the schools, courses and programs to achieve your career goals.
  2. Provide support during the BHMT application processes and ensure academic success for RN to BSN, Degree Completion, and Individual Stipend programs.
  3. Review transcripts for RN-BSN to determine that BHMT required courses have been completed.
  4. Support you with learning readiness coaching so you are prepared to start strong at your chosen school.
  5. Provide ongoing coaching and goal setting for the entire length of your program.
  6. Ensure you understand the BHMT program eligibility guidelines, and how to maintain your eligibility, including creating the Learning Resource Plan for the Individual Stipend Program.
  7. Assist you with connecting to a school advisor at your school of choice.
Program Manager

Your Program Manager (PM) maintains all communication with BHMT partner schools and manages BHMT programs. The PM ensures that all elements of the contract with the school are fulfilled by both BHMT and the school. PMs also troubleshoot application issues within BHMT, and payment issues to partner schools.


Outreach Specialist

Your area Outreach Specialists deliver information on BHMT programs and resources to managers, departments, relevant KP committees, and BHMT eligible employees on a regional basis. An Outreach Specialist is assigned to your KP region and often serves as the first source of information on BHMT programs for your region.

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Client Services Representative

Your Client Services Representative (CSR) will help you, as a BHMT-eligible participant, resolve any issues with applications to BHMT programs and payments from those programs. They will connect you to the member of your BHMT Client Services Team who can best assist with your situation.

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