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Expand your knowledge, enhance your career, and take your education and skills to the next level with an Academic Certificate. If you already have a degree or want to start a shorter program before heading toward a degree, or just want to gain additional knowledge and sharpen your skill sets, our Academic Certificate programs are for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to BHMT’s stringent requirements of its educational partners and the evolving nature of education, BHMT partner schools, programs and courses and their contents may change without notice.

Would you like to take courses to obtain knowledge in a variety of business, computer technology, and management concentrations in addition to, or on your way to, completing a degree? Coastline (CCC) offers an excellent starting point if you have little-to-no college education or if you would like to complete a shorter college program that could lead to a degree in the future.

Get your Academic Certificate anytime, anywhere with CCC’s completely online solution.


Looking for skills for the workplace? OCC offers several Certificates of Completion and an IT Certificate of Proficiency.  The credits earned in a Certificate program can also be applied to a degree!