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COMING March 15 — You can self-enroll for Academic Certificates and Digital Credentials!
Reach out to your Career Counselor today to learn more about your self-enrollment options.
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BHMT offers Academic Certificates in IT, business, healthcare management, paralegal skills, criminal justice and much more. Academic Certificates are for if you want to try a shorter program before heading toward a degree, or just want to gain additional knowledge and sharpen your skills.

Enroll by choosing your school of interest from the list below. Contact your Career Development Coach if you have questions or want more information about Academic Certificates.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to BHMT’s stringent requirements of its educational partners and the evolving nature of education, BHMT partner schools, programs and courses and their contents may change without notice.

Graduate Certificates

You must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and may stack into (provide credit towards) a Master’s degree.


Undergraduate Certificates

You must have a high school diploma or GED. They may stack into (provide credit towards) an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree.