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Multi-Regional Training Programs


The Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust (BHMT) Multi-Regional Training Programs help to deliver and provide training and educational programs that support multiple regions of Kaiser Permanente. The programs are self-paced, available 24/7 online, and free for all BHMT eligible participants. BHMT continues to provide workforce development programs that include:

Allied Health Clinical Trainer Skills

The clinical trainer is expected to become an educator as well as a leader, understand instructional and evaluative techniques geared toward adult learners, appreciate diversity, and develop communication strategies that ensure success.

Ambulatory Care RN Preceptor Program

Inpatient nursing care is not the same as Ambulatory care. When nurses transition into an ambulatory environment, there are some key concepts that can help you understand the characteristic background and needs of the ambulatory field. There are even preceptor strategies to facilitate successful transition into ambulatory care. This program is designed to teach Ambulatory Care Residency Preceptors how to effectively precept new grad and transitioning RNs.

Ambulatory Care RN Residency Program

Designed to train new grads and transitioning RNs how to effectively meet the challenges of the ambulatory care setting. Training modules include: program introduction, nursing roles and values, communication, professional topics and situation awareness.