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IT / Soft Skills

Build on your professional and personal development. Immerse yourself in Skillsoft’s vast library of online courses,’s entertaining typing curriculum, and New Horizons’ engaging computer training.

Keyboard Proficiency

Been typing for decades…. with two fingers? Has it been awhile since you’ve had to write a paper for school? Get this foundational skill under your fingertips now so you can take full advantage of all the online and academic opportunities available to you.


Improve your typing skills and increase your speed at IT’S FREE and can be accessed on your desktop, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, phone, or any internet enabled device! is perfect for all skill levels – from never having touched a keyboard to expert level typist.

  • FREE Typing Tutor
  • Tailored to Current Typing Abilities
  • Practice on ANY Internet Enabled Device
  • Virtual Keyboard Gives Constant Feedback
  • FREE Printable Typing Certificates
  • Statistics and Real Time Tracking
  • Interactive Typing Games
Basic Computer

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers provides FREE basic computer applications training. Access multiple levels of computer training in 11 different Microsoft products in their current versions. Gain real-world skills and create a solid foundation of your computer knowledge.


  • Thinking of heading back to school, but feel a bit rusty on the technology part? Build yourself a solid technical foundation here first so you can take academic curriculum on with confidence.
  • Feeling limited in the career opportunities available to you because your computer skills aren’t as sharp as they need to be for the modern work environment? Invest your time now to give yourself the real-world skills you need for your future.
  • Don’t know where to start? Take a free Microsoft Office assessment to help guide you to the right level of training.

Available in 2 flexible learning methods

  • Instructor Lead
  • Online Live
SkillSoft Library

Skillsoft provides thousands of focused areas of opportunity to increase knowledge and hands-on experience in software applications and business skills such as critical thinking, communication and analytical skills, collaborative teamwork, and more.   Individual selections range from 10 minute task-specific courses and videos, to broader one-hour training opportunities.

Launch and Learn

  • Business/Interpersonal Skills: Business courses including Administrative, Project Management, Communication, HR Management, Leadership, and Finance & Accounting
  • Computer Software: Basic, intermediate and advanced courses in the most popular software used in business today, including the MS Office suite
  • Desktop Videos: Short productivity videos that teach a specific task in 3-5 mins
  • Business Certification: Courses include Business Analysis, Human Resources, ITIL, Project Management, and Six Sigma to help you review or prepare you for your certification exams

Customized for Convenience

  • Print your Certificate of Completion after you successfully complete a class
  • Online mentoring available through Ask My Mentor within the course content
  • Take classes from home or use Educational Leave (upon manager’s approval)
  • Access course materials in sections, for targeted learning
LinkedIn Learning

Learn Skills That Matter To You! LinkedIn Learning provides an online learning platform that helps anyone learn software, creative, and business skills or achieve personal and professional goals. There are currently over 5,000 courses in the LinkedIn Learning library with nearly 30 new courses being added each week!

The benefits of using LinkedIn Learning  include:
  • Unlimited access to courses on a wide range of topics
  • Up-to-date content to keep your skills current
  • Tutorials taught by recognized industry expert


  • Access to Instructors Exercise Files to follow along as you learn
  • Beginner to advanced courses
  • The option to watch complete courses or bite-size videos as you need them