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Take Charge of Your Career

You are in control of your career! Take a proactive stance with your professional development to put yourself in the driver’s seat. A productive and positive mindset is the first step in taking charge. Your Career Development Coach is here to partner with you as you explore opportunities to enhance your capabilities and reach your career goals.

Define Your Career Map

What is the ideal career for you? The first step is thinking about what really matters to you, and what type of career is best suited to who you are. Your career map ties together your career strategy, the work you will need to do to achieve your career goals and defines how long It will take to get there. Work with your Career Development Coach to explore what drives you and create a career map that puts you on the path toward a career at KP that inspires you.

Reach Your Potential

What does it take to reach your full career potential ? A career map is the place to start. Your career map is a planning tool you create to define the steps you need to take to gain the skills and education that will position you to reach your full potential. Contact your Career Development Coach to start planning your ideal career journey.

Get Future Ready

Be future-ready. To take advantage of your future job, you need to have relevant skills. With a future ready mindset, you lay the foundation for building your career and acquiring skills that make you exceptional. Connect with your Career Development Coach to identify the skills you need for success today, and to thrive throughout your career journey.