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Could your business, computer, interpersonal, or language skills benefit from a little polishing? We have you covered.

IT / Soft Skills

Intended for the person —beginner to technology master—who wants to hone computer and interpersonal skills to further their career goals. Skill up and increase your chances for success.

Workplace Skills Learning Paths

Workplace Skills Learning Paths have been created to support the career development of eligible KP employees to enhance future-ready skills. Within each learning path you will find curated courses carefully selected to build in-demand skills that align with KPs Workforce of the Future initiative.


Enhance your language skill sets on a schedule that is tailored to you. Improve your listening comprehension, vocabulary, and speech to help your entire community.

Course Packs

Course Packs are a curated series of courses focused on a specific topic that introduce you to key concepts so you can skill up quickly. Start today by by expanding your knowledge and preparing for new career opportunities.

Personal Financial Management

Create a plan that can help you be better equipped to secure your financial future. Whether you want to create a budget, pay off debt, save for a down payment, or plan for retirement, now, you can learn the skills needed to achieve your financial goals today…and in the future. These resources are open to your family members, too.