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Ben U Academics

Need college prep, general education or lab science courses for your degree? Let us pay the tuition up-front on your behalf.

College Prep

Not really sure where to get started? Not sure if you are ready to dive right into a college level class? Not sure if online education is for you? You are not alone. Ben U has been helping motivated, adult learners get a start since 2009. Let us help you get your feet wet one class at a time.

General Ed

Our regionally accredited academic providers offer online solutions for the most requested general education and pre-requisite courses for Associate and Bachelor level degree programs. Get the classes you need to start pursuing your degree now – in an online format you can actually fit into your busy work/life schedule.

Lab Sciences

Science courses are common prerequisites for nursing and or other allied health degree programs.   Finding one with a lab component – that actually fits around your work schedule – can be almost impossible. Don’t let that be a barrier to your degree completion. Our regionally accredited academic providers offer these important health science courses complete with online labs.