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Building a personal and professional network plays a critical role in career development and advancement.  Kaiser provides many opportunities for employees to network within the organization.

What is networking?
  • Networking is a process of building and sustaining a group of professional connections that will be important, not only now, but throughout your career.
  • Networks are composed of people who provide one another with information, guidance, practical assistance, support, and encouragement to accomplish individual and group goals.
Why network?

Networking is NOT about asking for a job. It IS about building relationships and gathering information.

  • Network to gain information about opportunities, other positions or departments, and advice for how to grow professionally within KP.
  • You can also build professional connections that develop your professional brand, visibility, and resources.
How can I network at KP?

There are several ways to utilize networking to your advantage. Choose one or more of the options listed here, depending on your specific needs and goals.

  • Participate in KP’s networking groups such as:
  • Conduct informational interviews with managers or other employees in departments/jobs of interest to you.
    • Through informational interviews, you can build relationships, learn key information and receive advice about a career/educational path, a department, a job and/or other career-related topics. The purpose IS NOT to get a job—it is an interview for information only.
    • Follow KP suggestions for informational interviews including sample questions to ask. Learn more
    • Plan on conducting informational interviews outside of your scheduled work hours.
What are networking opportunities outside of KP?
  • LinkedIn: This is a social media platform specifically designed for professional networking and career development opportunities. Connect with or follow key professionals as well trends and developments in your field, worldwide. You can also learn about employment opportunities, hiring practices and job openings. Learn more about starting and building your LinkedIn profile
  • Professional associations: Get direct access to information and professionals in your field through these organizations. To find a professional association, google the job title + professional associations (example: “human resources professional associations”).
  • Community involvement and volunteering: Volunteering can build your skills and confidence as well as your connections. It also demonstrates your commitment and initiative to potential managers/employers.
  • Meet-ups: These are informal gatherings for people interested in particular social, cultural or professional topics. Participating in meet-ups helps you make valuable connections in a more casual way as you connect with others around shared topics of interest. Learn more at
Need assistance in preparing for an informational interview?
Want to discuss relevant networking opportunities?

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