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Searching & Applying for KP Jobs

Searching & Applying for KP Jobs

Review key job search tips from the Kaiser Permanente Talent Acquisition staff: Searching Jobs & Submitting Interest »

(Log in, scroll down the page and click “step-by-step instructions”.)

Use the filters on the left side of the KP Employee Careers to refine your search.

The filters will override any Keyword or Location you may have entered at the top of the Web page.

For example, if you want to stay in your union, you can start by choosing your union in the Employee Group/Union Affiliation filter and then select geographic filters. If needed, you can then add additional filters.

For each job of interest, review its Essential Functions and Qualifications sections.

Update your candidate profile and targeted resume to make sure it is easy for Talent Acquisition to see how your skills, education and experience fit job’s requirements.

When you apply for a job, KP Talent Acquisition sends you qualifying questions.

Make sure you answer these questions carefully. Your responses are used to determine if you will be considered for the position.

Not sure which jobs would be a good fit for you?
Need assistance applying for jobs?

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