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KP Pre-Hire Assessments

KP Pre-Hire Assessments

Kaiser’s Talent Acquisition states that for some positions pre-hire assessments testing aptitude, behavior, skills (e.g. typing, data entry), and job knowledge may be required.

Review the Kaiser job posting to see if pre-hire assessments are required.
  • Common assessments include typing, basic computer literacy, cash handling, customer service and medical terminology.
  • Example of required pre-hire assessments listed in a KP job posting:
    Additional Requirements:
    • Must successfully pass basic computer literacy test and demonstrate key boarding proficiency.
    • Must successfully pass cash handling skills test.
    • Must pass Customer Service Assessment test (Clerical with Customer Service Assessment). Score must be current (within the last year).
Prepare to take the assessment(s).
Access the pre-hire assessments.
  • You apply to jobs first on the KP Internal Careers Website. If you meet all of the minimum requirements in the job posting, you will be sent the link directly to take the required assessments.
Take the assessment(s) by Talent Acquisition’s deadline for your region.
  • Most of the pre-hire assessments are “unproctored” (taken on your own without supervision) and are completed on a desktop or laptop.
  • Candidates needing an assessment will receive information from Talent Acquisition including the required timeframe to complete the required assessment.
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