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Individual Stipend Program

If you are planning to attend a professional or technical degree completion program, you may be eligible for the Individual Stipend Program (ISP). The ISP gives you the opportunity to go to class and study without losing income by replacing up to 8 hours per week in wages.

A stipend is replacement income paid directly to you from BHMT as long as you meet certain criteria. The stipend covers up to 8 hours per week, with a lifetime total benefit of $20,871. You must be currently enrolled in an accepted or accredited program. The academic institution must be accredited by the relevant accrediting body. Being approved for the ISP DOES NOT guarantee that your manager will be able to give you release time from work. You must work release time out with your manager in advance, each time you wish to use it.

What do I need to do before I apply to the ISP?


  1. Discuss your plans to participate in the ISP with your manager.
    Since the ISP requires you to reduce your regularly scheduled KP work hours, you MUST have your manager’s approval to participate in the program.
  2. Meet with your BHMT Career Counselor.
    Your BHMT Career Counselor will help you assess your academic readiness. To set up an appointment, go to BHMT Career Counselor. After you meet with your BHMT Career Counselor, they will verify you met with them. Check-in verification is necessary for your application to the ISP.
  3. Meet with an Academic Success Coach to create your education plan.
    An InsideTrack Academic Success Coach can help you create a personalized Education Plan for your current program, or assists you in determining which accredited academic institution is the best fit for you. Your Individualized Education and Financial Plan is necessary for your application to the ISP. Set up an appointment with an InsideTrack Academic Success Coach.
  4. Gather your materials for your Individual Stipend Application, including your program acceptance letter, class schedule and individualized Education and Financial Plan.
    These three documents are required for your Stipend Application.
How do I apply for the ISP?

To apply for the ISP through MyHR, you must have met with your BHMT Career Counselor, have your Education Plan, Acceptance Letter, and Class Schedule available.


  1. Log in to your MyHR account (Google Chrome preferred browser).
  2. Click Career on the top bar.
  3. Towards the right-hand side, under Education Assistance, select ‘Tuition Reimbursement. The Education Assistance & Tuition Reimbursement page appears.
  4. Under Stipend Programs, click the Apply for or Manage your BHMT Stipend link. The Create New Application page appears.
  5. Choose Individual Stipend from the Application Type list. Follow the instructions to submit your ISP application.
  6. After you submit your ISP application go back to the Educational Assistance page. On the left-hand side, click the blue Upload Your documents button. Follow the instructions to upload your Acceptance Letter, and Class Schedule in PDF or jpg format.


IMPORTANT: To complete the application packet you MUST upload your Education Plan, Acceptance Letter and Class Schedule before your application will be reviewed for approval by BHMT. Your Career Counselor will communicate their approval directly to BHMT.


After you submit your application and upload your documents, you and your manager will receive an automated confirmation.


Your completed application and uploaded documents will be reviewed by BHMT. This takes 1-3 weeks. BHMT will notify you and your manager by email whether you have been approved or denied. If you are approved, continue to the next section.


If you are denied, BHMT will let you know why your application did not qualify. Contact your Career Counselor to discuss next steps.

How do I receive stipend payments?


You are now enrolled in the Individual Stipend Program.


BHMT needs 3 things to start paying you:

  • A copy of your KP paystub to determine your stipend pay rate: email a copy of your KP paystub to or fax it to 1-888-236-1022.
  • To receive your payment via direct deposit, complete the BHMT Direct Deposit Form, and fax it with a copy of your voided check to 1-888-236-1022.
  • You need to report your stipend hours to BHMT.


Reporting your stipend hours to BHMT
The process is different depending on your region. Follow the instructions for your region below.


NCAL, SCAL, HI, GA or NW regions
Your manager or timekeeper must code your stipend hours using the “BEN” code in the TIME system as part of your regular KP payroll process.


CO or MAS regions
Your manager or timekeeper must code your stipend hours using the “STIPEND” code as part of your regular KP payroll process.


If you are missing stipend payment(s) from a previous pay period, fill out the Reduced Hours Report (RHR), have your manager sign it, and fax it to 1-888-236-1022 no later than 5 p.m. PST the Tuesday following the end of each pay period. You will receive an email notice when your stipend payment is processed.
The Bi-Annual Renewal

You have been approved to participate in the ISP for as long as you are enrolled in the program at the school listed on your application. To continue receiving stipend payments you must keep your application up-to-date by meeting with your InsideTrack Academic Success Coach and uploading your academic documentation.


  1. At least twice a year, you must meet with your InsideTrack Academic Success Coach, to review your progress and discuss any issues. After you meet with your Academic Success Coach you will receive an approval, necessary for your application renewal.
  2. Submit continuing academic documentation by uploading it to your ISP application on MyHR.


    Each new term you must upload a copy of your previous term grades and class schedule for the coming term to your Individual Stipend application on MyHR. For faster identification and processing include your NUID# and EID#.


If you have any issues uploading through MyHR you can also email or fax 1.888.236.1022


Please note when submitting documents: you must use PDF or .jpg file formats.












  • You must be a KP Union Alliance or Coalition Employee with “active” KP employment status.
  • You must have completed your probationary period.
  • You must be a benefited employee typically working 20 or more hours per week.
  • Interns working at KP for the sole purpose of attaining experience hours to apply towards their academic program are not eligible for the ISP (eg Pharmacist Interns).
  • You must have your supervisor’s approval to reduce time from your regular work schedule.
  • You must be currently enrolled or accepted in an accredited program.
  • The Academic institution must be accredited by the relevant accrediting body.
  • Training program must assist individuals to obtain a new position or maintain employment at KP.
  • You should coordinate this benefit with other education leave that is available to you through KP.

Required Forms




Student Agreement

This program and participation is governed by the terms of the BHMT Student Agreement. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the student agreement; by registering and participating in this program you are agreeing to comply with it.

When using Stipend time, please confirm with your regional HR Representative that you will remain fully benefited and your participation in the Stipend program will not negatively affect your status or result in loss of benefits.