Degree Completion

Online degree programs are very popular today as adult learners are finding convenience by studying on their own schedule while continuing with their career. Whether you are returning to college to better yourself, to advance in your current career, to begin a new career, or just to make a life-long dream come true – our degree completion providers are here to help! Now it’s easier to reach your degree completion goals by using your Individual Stipend Program benefit in conjunction with your Degree Completion benefit!


The Degree Completion Program with Coastline Community College (CCC) is designed for those who have already completed some college-level course work (perhaps from a variety of academic institutions) who would now like the opportunity to turn that collection of classes into an Academic Certificate or an Associate’s Degree. You may apply for the BHMT Individual Stipend Program to use while obtaining your degree or academic certificate.

  • Get your Associates Degree or Academic Certificate anytime, anywhere with CCC’s completely online solution
  • Choose from over 25 AA/AS Degree and 12 Academic Certificate options
  • Transfer credits in from our Ben U classes for a no-out-of-pocket expense experience
  • Transfer your completed AA/AS Degree out to a variety of 4-year institutions without bringing any student debt with you.

Here’s the deal:

  • You have a high school diploma or GED with at least an average 2.5 GPA
  • BHMT pays the tuition for the rest of your AA/AS.
  • You pay for any books and fees (reimbursable through KP’s Tuition Reimbursement program)

BHMT and CTU have worked together to invest in you and bring you the CTU Commitment Grant for BHMT that funds 100% of your college tuition at CTU. Pursue your educational goals without the burden of any student loan debt. You may apply for the BHMT Individual Stipend Program to use while obtaining your degree or academic certificate.)

Additional benefits of attending CTU:

  • Classes available 100% online
  • More than 100 degree programs and concentrations offering Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Business & Management, Engineering & Computer Science, Healthcare, IT, Nursing, Project Management and Security Studies
  • 5-1/2 week sessions with 8 start times throughout the year
  • Opportunity to potentially earn college credit for what you already know and earn a degree faster by successfully passing CTU Fast Track™ exams

Eligible Ben U Students are asked to follow this BHMT approval process for this exciting opportunity:

  • Meet with your Regional Career Counselor who will help you develop an overall career program
  • Meet with your Academic Success Coach who will continue the BHMT Student Support System
  • Upon approval, your Academic Success Coach will forward a certification letter to CTU
  • The BHMT-dedicated CTU Team will contact you and begin your official enrollment