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Student Agreement



Your Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust Client Services Team is here to assist you! Your success with your educational, academic coaching and career development coaching experience is in your control. The following items detail your responsibilities:


  1. If you go on leave, are terminated from KP, move to a non-represented job, or move to a job represented by a non BHMT-eligible union, you become ineligible for BHMT benefits on the date of that change.
  2. You are expected to demonstrate a commitment to completing programs successfully.
  3. As a student funded through the Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust (BHMT), you will have access to a client services team including career development coaches, academic success coaches, program managers and others provided through the Trust. This team is available to help you achieve your academic and career goals.
  4. You are expected to keep your appointment time with each member of your client services team.
  5. It is your responsibility to confirm possible impact on your Kaiser Permanente or other employment benefits as a result of participating in BHMT programs (such as wage replacement through the Individual Stipend Program). Please confirm your participation status with your KP Human Resources Consultant.
  6. Training can be fast-paced and requires consistent classroom attendance and active participation. There may be no time for make-up classes.
  7. During the training program, you are expected to follow the directions of your instructor. The final decision to pass or fail the student is that of the instructor.
  8. It is your responsibility to confirm that courses/programs completed with BHMT resources meet your academic and career objectives and transfer into your desired school/program.
  9. You must notify your academic success coach if your grade falls below the school minimum or if you are placed on academic suspension. Members of your BHMT client services team may contact you regarding academic progress.
  10. You are required to complete necessary forms, assessments, evaluations, release of information, surveys, and/or provide documentation to prove eligibility for this program.
  11. BHMT will request a grade report or progress report from you or the provider. Failure to produce such may result in your termination from the program. BHMT may also recover program costs, as directed by the co-directors.
  12. After completion of the program, you may be required to be available for interviews with auditors, your employer, the Office of Labor Management Communications and the BHMT staff.
  13. You acknowledge and authorize that your KP Tuition Reimbursement funds (TR) will be transferred to BHMT to be applied to tuition, fees, and materials associated with your participation in eligible programs. Your TR funds are transferred to BHMT throughout the year for payments made on your behalf. If you intend to use your TR funds for professional continuing education requirements, it is your responsibility to track these payments in


Unsuccessful Program Completion – Regional/Multi-Regional Training Programs
If you fail to successfully complete a BHMT regional training program, you will be ineligible for future BHMT academic and regional training programs or benefits for a period of twelve months except as specifically excused by the Trustees.


Unsuccessful Course Completion and Dropped Class Policy – General Education/College Prerequisites, Degree Completion, Academic Certificate and Certification Programs.
These courses may be accelerated and require consistent, serious effort. If you drop a course after your school’s add/drop deadline (Withdraw), do not complete, or do not receive a passing grade of C or better, you must successfully complete all elements of your Academic Success Plan to retake the course or enroll in another academic course. Failing to earn any grade your program requires for successful completion is considered an unsuccessful course attempt. Should you opt not to complete your Academic Success Plan, you will not be eligible to participate in BHMT-sponsored academic programs for a period of twelve months. Any subsequent unsuccessful completions will make you ineligible for future BHMT Academic programs for a period of twelve months or as specifically excused by the Trustees.


Authorization for Release of Information


By participating in a BHMT program, you are hereby authorizing and consenting to the release of any and all information listed below to BHMT representatives for the duration of your enrollment in BHMT sponsored programs, including career development coaching and academic success coaching:


  1. Information needed to determine your eligibility for enrollment into the program.
  2. Employment information exchanged between the BHMT and Kaiser Permanente that may include:
    1. Date of hire
    2. Job title
    3. Hours working per week
    4. Entry hourly wage
    5. Current hourly wage
    6. Leave of Absence Status
    7. Employment status
    8. Contact Information
    9. State of Residence
    10. Amount and percentage of salary increases
    11. Termination date
  3. Information related to your education, training and employment may be obtained from or exchanged with appropriate educational institutions and training programs for the sole purpose of administrating BHMT programs.
  4. Verification of your attendance and academic standing with your education or training provider.
  5. Dates (but not the contents) of your meeting(s) with a BHMT career development coach and/or academic success coach.


Grades, scores and other information related to your academic performance will not be shared by BHMT staff with your employer except when required to secure reimbursement for tuition paid on behalf of a participant.



Important Tax Information (for Individuals Receiving Education, Wage Replacement Stipends)


  1. The Stipend, wage replacement payments that you receive from BHMT, either by check or by direct deposit, are considered by the Internal Revenue Service to be taxable Supplemental Employer Income. BHMT will distribute the gross amount, without withholding taxes. The Trust will report this income to Kaiser Permanente’s Payroll Department so that the appropriate employee taxes on the stipend payments (federal and state income taxes, FICA, etc.), can be withheld from your next regular Kaiser Permanente paycheck.
  2. The taxable Supplemental Employer Income amount will appear as a separate line item on your KP pay stub as “BHMT Stipends”. Stipend payments are combined with your KP salary & wages in Box 1 on your KP W-2 form. They are not reported separately, and no additional tax documentation is issued by BHMT at year-end.
  3. You may want to discuss this procedure with your personal tax advisor to determine if you should adjust your payroll withholding allowances by submitting a new W-4 form and/or state equivalent to KP payroll.
  4. You should also ensure that any special, non-tax deductions (i.e., dependent care, garnishments, loan repayments, 401K contributions, union dues, etc.), are covered by your reduced paycheck. If you receive your regular paycheck by direct deposit, you may also need to adjust your allocation between your checking and savings accounts to cover any automatic bill payments.
  5. For any questions about this tax notification, please contact BHMT at


Last updated: June 7, 2023

I have read, understand, and will comply with this agreement