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Stackable Credentials

Certificates and Stackable Credentials

Get the skills you need now through a stackable certificate program and then roll it into a full degree when the time is right for you!

Get a certificate in just a few months, then take advantage of the certificate credits earned and add stackable courses to complete a specialized certification, earn an associate, bachelor, masters, doctorate degree, or simply supplement your current degree! Use Training funds for a certificate, digital credential and certification, reserving calendar year degree program maximum of $5,250.


Contact your BHMT Career Development Coach to create a plan, and map path you can follow to quickly earn a certificate and master the skills you need to stay competitive healthcare market. Since the courses you complete in a stackable credential program also satisfy the requirements for many degrees, so you can earn your certificate and work toward a degree at the same time.


Why Go Stackable?


  • Financially smart investment, saving you time and resources
  • Immediate use of skills you learned
  • Flexible schedule with multiple entry points
  • Simultaneously earn undergraduate or graduate credits without putting your career on hold!


Contact your BHMT Career Development Coach to complete your certificate or certification, and map and plan the education path right for you!

There are multiple entry-points for stackable certificate to degree completion.
Digital Credentials and Certificates use training funding.
Degrees use maximum tuition function of $5,250 per calendar year.