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Personal Resilience Profile

The Personal Resilience Profile


Studies show that resilient people have cultivated seven resilience characteristics, or “change muscles,” to help them be more efficient and effective when faced with change, challenges and the unexpected. The Personal Resilience Profile (PRP) measures how you use each of the seven “change muscles” when dealing with change and the unexpected. It reveals your usual approach and illuminates possibilities for more effective ways to respond.


By creating balance in how you use your resilience characteristics, you can approach change with greater clarity and calm. This increases the energy available to you to get things done. The PRP and coaching from your Career Counselor, will enable you to approach challenges as a way to grow and to improve your work and career satisfaction. It will teach you how to use your skills and abilities to thrive when change or challenges become part of your experience.


To Get Started

Contact your Career Counselor to take the Personal Resilience Profile.




You can also take the online, self-paced Career Resilience Quest. The Career Resilience Quest takes you on a journey of self-discovery that teaches you how to strengthen your response to change and how to get the most out of your innate resilience characteristics or ‘muscles.’ You’ll apply what you learn to a specific work or career challenge. To get started, visit Career Resilience and click “Register” at the bottom of the page.

The 7 Resilience Characteristics or “Change Muscles”