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BHMT’s Certification Programs provide you the opportunity to enhance your skills in your field of expertise. These programs can also help you to upgrade and take on more challenging positions that are vital in the modern work environment.


Would you like to take courses to obtain knowledge in a focused area in addition to or on your way to completing a degree? If yes, then an Academic Certificate may be right for you! Coastline offer an excellent starting point for you if you have little to no college education or if you would like to complete a shorter college program that could lead to a degree in the future. You may apply for the BHMT Individual Stipend Program to use while obtaining your degree or academic certificate.

  • Get your Academic Certificate anytime, anywhere with CCC’s completely online solution
  • Choose from 20 Academic Certificate options

Would you like to take courses to obtain knowledge in a focused area? An Academic Certificate may be right for you. The BHMT Healthcare Administration Certificate Program offered through Colorado Technical University (CTU) allows you to begin your academic journey. You may apply for the BHMT Individual Stipend Program to use while obtaining your degree or academic certificate.

Additional benefits of attending CTU:

  • Classes available 100% online.
  • 5-1/2 week sessions with 8 start times throughout the year.

Eligible Ben U Students are asked to follow this BHMT approval process for this exciting opportunity:

  • Meet with your Regional Career Counselor who will help you develop an overall career program.
  • Meet with your Academic Success Coach who will continue the BHMT Student Support System.
  • Upon approval, your Academic Success Coach will forward a certification letter to CTU.
  • The BHMT-dedicated CTU Team will contact you and begin your official enrollment.

As technology interfaces more deeply across the spectrum of healthcare jobs today, having computer proficiency skills is vital.  A Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification is an industry standard which is recognized worldwide and which can help open doors to potential job opportunities – validating your skills and computer proficiency to your new (or current) hiring manager. (Not eligible for Individual Stipend Program participation)

Access 3 levels of MOS Certification exams for FREE:

  • MOS – Recognition of core skills in Office applications.
  • MOS Expert – Recognition of advanced skills in Word and Excel.
  • MOS Master – Recognition of mastery across Office applications.

Progress at Your Level and Your Pace:

  • Get certified in Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, or Word.
  • Not sure which exam to take?  Take the FREE Microsoft Office Assessment to help choose exam level
  • Not ready to take the exam quite yet?  Utilize BHMT’s E-Learning Library or New Horizons Basic Computer Training to help you prepare

The Program Management Certificate is not currently included in BHMT offerings.  We are currently evaluating options for our participants.  Please consult with your BHMT career counselor.


Reviews for the most popular nursing certification exams are in a concise format that is designed to best help you prepare for your certification exam or earn specialty hours for recertification. CE Direct and CECenter™ both provide over 40 different specialty clinical test prep programs. Do both providers have test prep materials for your desired certification?  Try out both and see which program works best for you.


HealthStream’s CECenter™ library for Nursing, Allied Health and Pharmacy professionals, includes over 1,800 CE titles and 40 specialty certification prep programs.

  • Initial knowledge assessment to determine areas of strength and improvement.
  • Designed to reduce study time and sharpen your test-taking skills.
  • Complete courses based on remediation needs.
  • Prepare to sit for the exam with the Lippincott Test-Taking Strategy activity.
CE Direct

CE Direct’s Certification Review library covers the Top 50 nursing specialty certifications and helps learners prepare for their certification exam.  Included is a full digital clinical textbook learners can use to research specific healthcare conditions and diseases. Take your certification exam with confidence, and earn CE while you’re doing it!

  • Test-prep/reviews for more than 40 different nursing certification exams.
  • For already certified nurses, the courses also meet re-certification CE requirements.
  • Digital Nursing Clinical Textbook is included with the program and covers over 600 conditions/diseases encountered at the bedside.
  • 700+ ANCC-accredited courses also offer specialty contact hours, while nurses study for their exam.
  • Each online textbook chapter includes an exam to earn one ANCC contact hour.