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COMING March 15 — You can self-enroll for Academic Certificates and Digital Credentials!
Reach out to your Career Counselor today to learn more about your self-enrollment options.
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Career Coaching

Here you will find the resources you need to manage your career at Kaiser Permanente, including tips, webinars, worksheets, videos and articles. Experienced Career Counselors are available to advise you on the next steps. Once you’ve decided on a career direction, Academic Advisors can guide you on your educational path.

Find Your Career Counselor

Wherever you want your career to take you, your Career Counselor is ready to assist you in achieving your career goals. Click here to find and connect with your Career Counselor.

Career Development

Open your eyes to the work environment around you – from the macro to the micro – and find all the tips, tools, and guidance available to help you steer your career towards your goals.



Client Services Team

Your BHMT Client Services Team is hand-picked to help you achieve your education and career goals, and to ensure that you get the most from your education benefits. Their insight and expertise will help you develop a customized plan that fits with your education path while you maintain a healthy life-work-education balance.

Academic Success Coaching

Now that you have decided on a career direction, which school is the best partner to get you there? Let our trained Academic Advisors help you select the educational program that best fits your needs.