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University of Hawaii

Degrees RN to BSN
University of Hawaii at Manoa


To Learn more about the program and apply to University of Hawaii at Manoa Click Here.
(Do NOT actually apply to UHM until you have been approved to participate in the BHMT RN to BSN program.)


Phone: 808.956.4671


School Overview
RN to Baccalaureate (BSN, BS or Bachelor of Science in Nursing) program provide an efficient bridge for diploma and ADN-prepared nurses who wish to develop stronger clinical reasoning and analytical skills to advance their careers. RN to BSN programs build on initial nursing preparation with course work to enhance professional development, prepare for a broader scope of practice, and provide a better understanding of the cultural, political, economic, and social issues that affect patients and influence care delivery.


Delivery Type: On-Campus only
States: Hawaii
State Requirements:
Units for Nursing Core: 40
Units Required for BSN: 120
Residency Requirement: A 30 credit requirement is required for a UH Manoa Bachelor degree
Length of Program: 14 months
Cost: $21,400

Pre-Admission Process

  • Have an active RN license in US and 2 years of RN work experience at the time of application
  • Minimum GPA: 2.00 cumulative transfer GPA
  • Diploma or Associates Degree in Nursing
  • Statistics with Nursing 301 Introduction to Evidenced Based Practice: Both courses may be evaluated from previous academic institution for transfer
  • None of the classes at CTU or CSUSM transfers.


Admission Process

  • Applicant must complete a university system application and a nursing department application
  • Application fee: UH Manoa applications fee of $70, School of Nursing Application though the NursingCAS. Application fee $45
  • Submit official transcript(s) and copy of current RN license
  • Wait for letter of admission
  • Orientation: A new student orientation precedes the first transition course in the summer prior to Fall courses.

Please check the Ben-U Transfer Guide to see if any courses will satisfy some of the General Education requirements for University of Hawaii at Manoa.


Prerequisites to be taken within a certain amount of time? No however once enrolled students must complete both courses of N301 and N399 before taking any other Nursing classes
Diversity education course required? Yes. Nursing 452.
Free transcript evaluation provided? Yes, an UNOFFICIAL free transcript evaluation is done by the UH Manoa School of Nursing Office of Student Services. A $70 application fee includes an official transcript evaluation done by the UH Manoa Office of Admissions.


Student Questions
Phone: 808.956.4671


Prep and Computer Skills Prior to Applying
Supported software include: Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office student package, Firefox, Chrome, Anti-Virus Software. Laulima is the course management system used for online distance learning powered by Sakai. UHM SONDH has a fully staffed Information Technology department. Students may also ask assistance of the UH Information Technology Services Help Desk via phone or email as well as walk in support on campus. In addition to the above the Laulima support for students consists of orientation and tutorials online.

University of Hawaii at Manoa Nursing Program
Course & Class Name Units Cost
N301 – Intro to Evidenced Based Practice Summer Pre-Req 3 $1,230
N399 – Professional Comunication in Healthcare 3 $1,230
N363 – Nursing Research 3 $1,230
N450 – Community, Public & Global Health Nursing 5 $2,050
N450L – Community, Public & Global Health Nursing Lab 4 $1,640
N461 – Advanced Pathlophysiology & Neurobiology 3 $1,230
N452 – Cultural Aspects of Health Management 3 $1,230
N453 – Introduction to Genetics 3 $1,230
N432 – Complementary & Alternative Therapies (elective if needed) 3 $590
N460 – Integrative Clinical Practicum & Leadership Development
(may submit experiential portfolio for course credit)
4 $1,640
N460L – Integrative Clinical Practicum & Leadership Development Lab
(may submit portfolio)
6 $2,460
Total: 40 $16,400
Books, Fees, Lab, Graduation:   $3,000
Nursing Professional Fee:   $2,000
Grand Total:   $21,400