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University of Colorado

Degrees RN to BSN
University of Colorado


To Learn more about the program and apply to University of Colorado Click Here.
(Do NOT actually apply to University of Colorado until you have been approved to participate in the BHMT RN to BSN program.)


Anapin Thielen
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 303-724-1694


School Overview
Respect. Advancement. Flexibility, Earning Potential. You know all the reasons for getting your bachelor’s degree in nursing. The University of Colorado (CU) College of Nursing provides a way to get your degree that fits with the other demands of life. CU’s RN-BS Program is designed to help you keep your life in balance while attaining your goal of receiving an advanced degree. The CU College of Nursing (CON) has a strong history of excellence in nursing education and a commitment to the educational mobility of RN students. The CON consistently ranks among the top 20 schools of nursing in the United States for the quality of its various specialties and programs.


Our curriculum in the RN-BS program is centered on the Institute of Medicine’s reports on the future of nursing that call for transforming nursing education through the development of nursing leadership in providing and promoting safe, quality evidence-based patient care. The CON’s program outcomes for our graduates are based on the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) competencies of patient-centered care, safety, quality improvement, teamwork and collaboration, leadership, informatics and evidence-based practice as well as the BS Essentials identified by our accrediting body, the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. All of these competencies are directly applicable to your current nursing practice and are highly regarded by employers of healthcare professionals.


The RN-BS in Nursing program is a seven-course program that allows you to earn your bachelor’s degree completely online while you continue to work. The program is offered in a part-time format over 4 semesters taking one course at a time or you may choose to accelerate the pace of your coursework. The program recognizes the needs of RN adult learners and our courses encourage active learning and use of your prior knowledge and experience to further your mastery of nursing practice and to create meaningful deliverables that you can put to immediate use in your nursing position.


As a student, you’ll be exploring issues such as patient safety, human error in patient care, healthcare ethics, collaborative practice, population-based health promotion and assessment, leadership and management, health policy and quality improvement in healthcare systems. You will be learning to lead and guide improvement efforts as part of your nursing practice. Our graduates find the courses and learning activities to be transformative in relation to their professional growth.


Our faculty are world class, our courses intentionally designed, and our graduates are highly successful. The motto of CU’s College of Nursing is “Be the Nurse Everyone Looks to First”. Our program provides the educational preparation and experiences for being that nurse!


Delivery Type: Online
Units for Nursing Program: 30 units/credits
Units require earning BSN Degree: 120 units/credits
Residency requirement – how many units have to be taken at the school? 30 units/credits
Length of Program in months: 16 months/4 semesters (may be accelerated if desired)
Cost: $11,850 – $15,150
States: CA, CO, OR, MD, VA, DC (Plan to seek approved provider status in HI, WA, and GA).
Accreditation: Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
Identify prerequisites required and does it map out to CTU or CSUSM? Please see attached.
Do prerequisites have to be taken within a certain amount of time? No
Do you require a diversity education course? Yes
Can the class be transfer from CSUSM or CTU? Yes
Does the school provide free transcript evaluation? Yes
International transcripts: NACES
What is the website for students to apply into the RN to BSN program?
Contact for student questions: Anapin Thielen, Admissions Counselor;; 303-724-1694
Contact for billing questions: Mohammad Dahleh, Finance & Administration;; 303-724-6374

Pre-Admission Process

  • Completion of diploma nursing program or associate’s degree in Nursing from an accredited institution.
  • Total of at least (60) semester or ninety (90) quarter hours of approved transferable non-nursing prerequisite course work.
  • Completion of specific prerequisites courses
  • An overall GPA of 3.0 is recommended but not required
  • Copy of current and unencumbered RN license
  • If your primary spoken language is NOT English, you will need to submit TOEFL score as part of the application process.
  • Student may be admitted with two prerequisite/elective courses that are planned for completion concurrently within first year of RN-BSN program if overall GPA is 3.0 or better. The two outstanding courses cannot be from: anatomy, physiology, microbiology, statistics or chemistry.
  • Contact with Staff Advisor to review required documentation


Admission Process

  • Application – must register online
  • Submit $50 application fee
  • Required documentation: Essay, proof of licensure, prerequisite completion form
  • Submit official transcript(s)
  • Staff Advisor will help students review transcript(s) and complete application.
  • Applicants notified of their admission status
  • CON student: need to submit background checks, drug screens, and submission of immunization records.


  • Anatomy & Physiology I
  • Anatomy & Physiology II
  • Microbiology
  • Statistics
  • Chemistry
  • English Composition
  • Developmental Psychology
  • General Psychology
  • General Sociology
  • General Ed – Cultural Studies or Anthropology
  • General Ed – Literature, Humanities or Social Science
  • General Ed – Literature, Humanities or Social Science II


Please check the Ben-U Transfer Guide to see which courses from Ben-U will satisfy the classes required above.


Prep and Computer Skills prior to Applying
At the CU College of Nursing, new learners are expected to be familiar with common technologies used in both professional and personal settings such as accessing and navigating the internet through a web browser, checking email, typing papers and email responses, etc. These basic skills are key to being a successful online learner. Any new technologies beyond these basics are fully supported by faculty and staff in the program; students are not expected to learn new technologies without guidance. We set this precedence in the first course through our online orientation (students take a readiness for online learning survey that includes questions on comfort with technology) and faithfully adhere to it for the duration of the program.

Program Details
  • This includes the Nursing Core and Ben-U transfer guide.
  • Please confirm with the CU College of Nursing that your previous courses from another school or from Ben-U can be credited towards either your General Education or Pre-requisites.


Example Program Plan for Resident Students Semester Credit
Cost per
Total by
Term 1 Summer, 2018 7 $400 $2,800
Term 2 Fall, 2018 8 $400 $3,200 $6,000
Term 3 Spring, 2019 6 $400 $2,400
Term 4 Summer, 2019 9 $400 $3,600 $6,000
Total student
program cost:
30 $12,000


* Cost per Credit Hour may vary. Cost reflected, represents In-State Tuition (and WICHE) rates for Academic Year 2018-2019, assuming College Opportunity Fund ($75/Credit Hour) is applied. Costs do not include textbooks nor student fees.


Example Program Plan for Non-Resident Student Semester Credit
Cost per
Total by
Term 1 Summer, 2018 7 $515 $3,505
Term 2 Fall, 2018 8 $515 $4,150 $7,725
Term 3 Spring, 2019 6 $515 $3,090
Term 4 Summer, 2019 9 $515 $4,365 $7,725
Total student
program cost:
30 $15,450


* Cost per Credit Hour may vary. Cost reflected, represents Out-of-State Tuition rates for Academic Year 2016-2017. Costs do not include textbooks nor student fees.