Individual Stipend Program

Now Accepting Applications!

Here is an important education benefit available to KP employees through the Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust!

Are you currently enrolled or planning to attend a professional or technical career advancement program?
If so, you may be eligible to apply for a stipend to pay for up to 8 hours/week of lost wages to provide time for class attendance and study.

What is a Stipend?

A 'stipend' is replacement income that is paid directly from the Trust to you, provided you meet certain criteria. Stipends are available for class work or study of up to 8 hours a week, up to $16,000 per employee (lifetime benefit). Your manager must approve all time off in order to participate in this program.

Am I Eligible for the Individual Stipend Program?

Please note: If you are a registered nurse seeking a stipend for your Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) degree you must apply through the RN to BSN Program.

Stipend Program Basics

The Individual Stipend Program Maximums and Minimums” document is available to you to share with your manager and your timekeeper.

What must I do to earn the stipend?
After your application has been approved, you earn the stipend by reducing your regularly scheduled KP work hours by a maximum 8 hours per week (16 hours per pay period). The reduction in your work schedule is to provide time for class attendance or studying.

Do I have to use the maximum 8 hours each week?  Do I have to take all 8 hours on the same day? Once I begin receiving the stipend, do I have to reduce my KP work hours each week, continuously?
No. The schedule for reducing hours can be as flexible as needed, and should be worked out collaboratively between the participant and his/her supervisor.

Must the stipend hours be on the same day or at the same time as the class?
No. However, the stipend hours must replace hours that were previously scheduled for work.

Once you begin utilizing your stipend benefit, there is no minimum number of stipend hours required to remain active in the program. The program is designed to be flexible so stipend hours can be used to the greatest effect on an individual basis, while still being able to adapt to changing operational needs.

  • Participants do not have to report/use any stipend hours each week to remain active in the program.
  • Participants do not have to report/use 8 hours (or a full shift) at a time.
  • Participants may report/use smaller chunks of stipend time each week, or spread several smaller chunks of stipend time throughout the week.

If I reduce my KP work schedule so that I can claim the stipend, can I pick up extra hours or shifts?
The stipend program is intended to provide time off for study and class without the participant losing income. It is not intended to provide additional or supplemental income. Further, picking up extra hours negates the benefit of having the time off. We monitor excess KP Paid Hours for possible abuses.

What if my supervisor says that he/she needs me to work on one of my days off?
We recognize that on occasion operational needs require some flexibility and in those cases extra hours can be worked. In no case can stipend hours be claimed for hours that were worked.

How much in stipend payments is available to me?
The lifetime maximum for this program is $16,000. The number of hours that you can reduce and get paid the stipend will depend on your KP pay rate.

Once my application has been approved am I guaranteed to receive the full $16,000?
To receive the stipend you must be in a qualifying educational program, be attending school, and reduce your KP work schedule. You do not qualify to continue receiving the stipend if you:

  1. Change schools or programs
  2. Don't reduce your KP work schedule
  3. Fail to complete the bi-annual renewal process
  4. Go on a leave of absence
  5. Do not have the minimum KP paid hours
  6. No longer have the support of your supervisor to participate
  7. Transfer from an eligible union position to a non-represented position
  8. Are in a non-qualifying union position
  9. No longer work for Kaiser Permanente
  10. Do not show continued significant progress in your education program
  11. Fail to meet other requirements determined by the Trust and regional coordinators

What if I run out of stipend funds before my educational program is over?
You may not receive more than $16,000. You may therefore wish to ration your use of the stipend so that it is available when you really need it. You should work closely with your supervisor to schedule your time off, and your career counselor to determine how to receive support throughout the lifespan of your academic program.

How will I know if I am getting close to the maximum?
The Trust will send out an email warning when we make a stipend payment that puts your total paid to date over $15,000. That email will tell you the approximate number of stipend hours you have still available as of that date. You will be expected to monitor the remaining hours from that point, and make arrangements to resume your pre-stipend work schedule as necessary. Most stipend related information and requests are sent out in emails. Be sure to check your email regularly to avoid missing important and time sensitive communications. We use the preferred email address entered on your stipend application.

Who do I contact with questions about the Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust?
We can always be reached by phone at (510) 625-6329, or via email at Use this contact for general questions or questions about reporting stipend hours or stipend payments.

For any questions regarding the status of applications or bi-annual renewals contact Rapheal Gavin at (510) 625-5772 or Please provide your Employee ID# or Stipend Application# for faster response.

For questions about eligibility or Trust policy, contact Lynda Wagner at (510) 625-6397 or
Before I Apply
ISP Workflow - Planning
  1. Discuss your plans to participate in the Individual Stipend Program (ISP) with your Manager
    Since the ISP requires you to reduce your regularly scheduled KP work hours, you MUST have your manager’s approval to participate in the program.
  2. Meet with your Career Counselor
    Your BHMT Career Counselors are the first step to getting your application and academic program started. Counselors are guides to KP & Trust services as well as sources of everyday support, helping you at all points along your career and educational path. Counselors possess a wealth of tips, tricks, and knowledge that can be vital to your program's success. Counselors can help you balance work, school and life commitments. The individual stipend has a maximum $16,000 benefit, ansd your BHMT Counselor can help you maximize the best use of the benefit to last the entire lifespan of your academic program. To set up an appointment with your BHMT Career Counselor, call: 1-844-BEN-BHMT (1-844-236-2468).
  3. Complete your Education Plan
    EdAssist is an academic advising service BHMT provides free of charge for all stipend participants. Whether it’s deciding which academic institution is the best fit for you or helping you complete a program you are already enrolled in EdAssist can help. After meeting with EdAssist you will have a developed Education Plan which is your path to successful completion of your program. This step is required only once at the beginning of your Individual Stipend Program.
    Contact EdAssist and set up an appointment by calling 1-855-687-7640.
  4. Get Accepted into a Program
    After finding the right school for you, the second step is showing us your entrance and acceptance into a recognized and accredited program. The Acceptance Letter from your preferred academic institution is a crucial step in starting your path for academic and professional growth.
  5. Get your Class Schedule
    Your official schedule is the last step in completing the initial documents needed to submit an application for the Individual Stipend Program.

How Do I Apply
ISP Workflow - Applying

To apply, please continue to your Stipend Application on My HR »

Make sure you have completed these four required steps:

  1. Counselors Check-in
  2. Education Plan
  3. Acceptance Letter
  4. Class Schedule

Take these documents and upload them to your Individual Stipend Application. Failure to provide these documents will stop the application process. No stipend time can be paid to you until your application is submitted, processed and finally approved by the Regional Workforce Planning and Development Co-Chairs.

Processing for the ISP Application is 1-2 weeks from the time you have successfully uploaded all FOUR documents. The review process is another 3-4 weeks depending on your region. Your region has the final decision on your participation in Individual Stipend Program. You will be notified via email if your application is Approved or Denied.

Remember: No stipend time will be paid to you prior to the date that final approval is received from the Regional Workforce Planning and Development Co-Chairs.
I've Been Approved: Next Steps
ISP Workflow - Approved

You have received official notice via BHMT email that your Individual Stipend Application has been approved.
To get you set up for payment, we need additional documents emailed to or faxed to 1-888-236-1022:

  • KP PAYSTUB - Required
    We need a current KP paystub that shows your KP hourly rate. Without your current paystub we can NOT process stipend pay for you.

    If you would like to set up direct deposit, please fill out the BHMT Direct Deposit Form , attach a copy of your voided check and fax to 1-888-236-1022.
Start Getting Paid

NCAL, SCAL, HI, GA or NW regions

Your manager or timekeeper will need to code your stipend hours via the "BEN" code in the TIME system as part of your regular KP payroll process. The Reporting Stipend Hours” document is available to you to share with your manager and your timekeeper. If you are missing any stipend payment(s) from a previous pay period you must fill out the Reduced Hours Report (RHR) , have your manager sign it and fax it back to the Trust. BHMT fax number: 1-866-236-1022.

CO or MAS regions

In order to receive the stipend you must fill out the Reduced Hours Report (RHR) , have your manager sign it, and fax it to the Trust. BHMT fax number: 1-866-236-1022. The RHR shows the hours that you have reduced from your regular KP work schedule. The Reporting Stipend Hours” document is available to you to share with your manager and your timekeeper.

Reduced Hours Report

Reduced Hours Report (RHR) Basics

What are RHRs? How do I report my stipend hours to the Ben Hudnall Trust?
Stipend hours are reported to the Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust using the Reduced Hours Report (RHR) .

Are there instructions for filling out the form?
Yes. They are included on the top of the form (but they do not print out). Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

I accidentally deleted the email with the Reduced Hours Report file. Where can I get another?
The RHR form is provided to ISP participants as part of a welcome email they receive once they have been approved to participate in the program. Please save a copy of the RHR form onto your computer so you may access it throughout 2014 as needed.

Can I keep using the same RHR file that I used last year?
No. Please only use the version that you received when the current year's application was approved. We will notify you when a new form or online reporting is available.

I am able to open the RHR file and see the report, but I can’t make any changes. Why not?
Usually this means that you are using an Excel reader. Try again on a computer that has the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program installed.

Should I report all of my reduced hours on the RHR, even if I know that the Trust will only pay stipends up to 8 hours per week (16 hours per pay period)?
No. Do not report more stipend hours than have been approved (8 or less per week), even if you have reduced your schedule by more hours.

Can I claim the maximum number of stipend hours even if I didn’t reduce my regularly scheduled work hours by that amount?
No. You can only claim stipend pay for hours actually reduced from your regular KP work schedule.

My regular shift is 10 (or 12) hours. Can I report more than 8 stipend hours for one week and less than 8 hours for the other, as long as I don't exceed 16 for the pay period?
Yes, but only if you work a 10 or 12 hour shift and have your manager's approval. Select the appropriate number of hours from the dropdown list of the Max. Approved Hrs/Wk box. Please include a brief note in the comments section about your schedule.

The day that I am scheduled to take off for the stipend program is a company holiday. Can I still report it and receive stipend pay from the Trust, as well as holiday pay from Kaiser?
No. Holidays are to be paid by Kaiser, not the Trust.

Submitting RHRs

How do I submit my RHR?
The RHR is submitted by fax to 1-888-236-1022. You do not need a coversheet. Do not fax it along with someone else's RHR.

Will you let me know that you received my fax?
No. When you send your fax, please obtain a confirmation of successful transmission from the sending fax machine. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to respond to requests to confirm receipt, whether submitted by fax, phone or email.

When is the Reduced Hours Report (RHR) due?
It should be submitted to BHMT by fax no later than 5pm PT the Tuesday following the end of each pay period.

What if I submit it after the Tuesday deadline?
Stipend payments may be delayed for RHRs submitted after the Tuesday deadline.

What if my manager is not available to sign the RHR? Can someone else do it?
If required, the manager can temporarily delegate responsibility for approving the RHR to another manager or supervisor. Please notify us at if the manager listed on your stipend application changes.

Can I prepare, get my manager's signature and submit the RHR in advance?
No. Reported stipend hours should be actuals, not estimates. The RHR should be completed no earlier than the last day worked in each pay period.

I'm really busy with work and school. Can I wait and submit several RHRs at the same time?
No. The reporting in your timekeeping system and on the Reduced Hours Report is to be done by the Monday following the end of each pay period. Repeated failure to report on time may jeopardize your eligibility to continue participating in the Stipend program. In addition, your payments will be delayed. Also, be aware that your tax withholding rates and amounts will increase if multiple RHRs are submitted and stipends paid at the same time.

Will you notify me that I’m going to get paid?
Yes. If we have your correct email address, you will receive an email notice about your stipend payment at the time it is processed in our system.

What if I faxed in my RHR on time but I didn’t get a payment notice?
In all likelihood, we did not receive your fax. Sometimes faxes are sent upside down so come across blank. Please carefully review the confirmation report that you received from the sending fax machine to make sure it says that it was sent successfully. If you see that the fax was not successful, please refax it. We will process the RHR with the next week's payments.

Understanding Your Stipend Payments

How do you know how much I get paid?
When you receive your application approval notice you are instructed to email or fax a copy of a recent KP paystub. We base your stipend rate on your KP pay rate. It is your responsibility to update the Trust when your KP pay rate changes by providing another paystub.

How can I tell what pay period my stipend check covers?
If you receive a check, the invoice number on the check stub is the last day of the pay period in YYMMDD format.

Timing of Payments

How frequently will I get paid the stipend?
Our reporting periods are identical to your KP pay periods.

I sent in my first RHR on time, but my stipend pay doesn't show up on my KP paystub. Why not?
If you are in a region using the TIME system, you will see your current stipend hours appearing on your KP paystub as "Unpaid Union Business" with no dollar amount attached. In all regions, you will see the dollar amount of your stipend payments appear as "BHMT Stipend" on the following pay period's KP paystub at the time KP is processing your taxes/withholdings for your stipend pay.

When will I get paid for my stipend hours?
NCAL, SCAL, HI, GA, or NW regions
KP National Payroll reports all "BEN" hour usage to BHMT by the Wednesday following the close of each pay period. If your BEN hours have been reported correctly, they will appear as "Unpaid Union Business" in the Current Pay Period columns on your check stub, and you can expect the following for payment of Stipend hours:

  • If you have direct deposit established with BHMT, stipend payments will be deposited into your account the same Friday as your regular KP payroll for the same time period.
  • If you do not have direct deposit established with BHMT, a live check will be mailed to the address that was listed on your pay stub. Checks are printed and mailed the Thursday following the close of payroll, meaning checks will arrive the week after your regular KP pay day.
  • If you have to manually report your stipend hours via the RHR form – and have faxed them to the BHMT office prior to 5pm PT the Tuesday following the close of payroll – you can still expect the same payment timing as if your hours had been reported through the TIME system.
  • Any RHR received after the 5pm PT the Tuesday following the close of payroll will be processed in the following week's check run.

CO, or Mid-Atlantic regions  

  • If you have direct deposit established with BHMT, and your RHR is received by 5pm PT the Tuesday following the close of payroll, stipend payments will fund to your account the same Friday as your regular KP payroll for the same time period.
  • If you do not have direct deposit established with BHMT, a live check will be mailed to the address that was listed on your pay stub. Checks are printed and mailed the Thursday following the close of payroll, meaning checks will arrive the week after your regular KP pay day.
  • Any RHR received after the 5pm PT the Tuesday following the close of payroll will be processed in the following week's check run.

Taxes and Withholdings

Are payroll taxes withheld from the BHMT-issued stipend check?
No. Stipend payments are for the gross amount, calculated as the reported stipend hours times your stipend rate.

How are payroll taxes withheld?
Each pay period BHMT reports to KP Payroll the amount of stipend payments made to its participants. Stipend payments will appear on the paystub as "BHMT Stipends" – typically the pay period following when you actually receive the stipend payment. The stipend payments are added to the KP wages for each pay period to determine the gross taxable amount. Payroll taxes are calculated and withheld on the total gross taxable amount (BHMT + KP pay).

Why would the tax withholding rate be different if I submit hours for multiple pay periods at the same time?
The tax withholding calculations are based on the gross taxable amount of each paycheck. If on a given paycheck you receive your KP pay along with the reporting of several pay period's worth of stipend pay, your gross taxable amount will be higher than normal. This most likely will put you into a different tax bracket so that the income tax withholding on that check will be calculated using a higher tax rate. Your KP net pay can be severely reduced in this situation  - sometimes down to zero - and nothing can be done to mitigate it. Again, it is highly recommended that you DO NOT submit hours for multiple pay periods for payment at the same time.

What can I do if I think too much taxes are being withheld?
To adjust your payroll tax withholding, submit a new W-4 form (Federal and state equivalent) to KP HR/Payroll.

Where do stipend payments show up on my W-2?
Stipend payments are combined with your KP salary and wages in box 1 on your KP W-2 form. They are not reported separately, and no additional tax documentation is issued by the Trust at year-end.

Keep Your Information Up-to-Date

It is YOUR responsibility to update BHMT with any change to your mailing address, banking information, or hourly rate.

Change of Address
Changes of Address can be emailed to Changes of Address can NOT be made over the phone.

Direct Deposit
Direct deposits can ONLY be changed by faxing a copy of your direct deposit to 1-888-236-1022 or emailing For those who wish to STOP payments, for instance if you change banks, that request must be done via email along with the submission of a new BHMT Direct Deposit Form .

Change in Pay Rate
When you have a change in your pay rate, either email or fax a copy of the first paystub showing the changed rate to us.

  • To EMAIL, please send the paystub in electronic format (pdf), attached to an email.
    1. Email it to:
    2. Include in the subject line the following information:
      • Your name (last, first)
      • "Pay Rate Change"
      • The date the rate change became effective.
      For example:  Subject:  Doe, John--Pay Rate Change, 9/21/09

  • To FAX, a legible paystub copy can be faxed to 1-888-236-1022, but processing will be delayed. Since the printing on the fax is often small and difficult to read, please hand write clearly on the lower part of the paystub:
    • "Pay Rate Change"
    • The date the rate change became effective, typically the first day of the pay period which includes October 1st.
    • Your new regular pay rate
    When faxing, please obtain proof of successful fax transmission from the sending fax machine. We will not be able to respond to requests about whether your fax was received. Do not both email and fax your documents – pick one method only.

Retroactive adjustments will be calculated and included with a future stipend payment. The new payrate will be effective for your BHMT Stipend on the beginning date of the paystub provided. BHMT will process any retroactive pay adjustments beginning on the date of your new hourly pay rate. NO retroactive payments will be made for paystubs older than 3 months. Please indicate your EmployeeID# or Stipend Application# for faster response.

Remember: No information change will be accepted via phone message.

Bi-Annual Renewal Process
ISP Workflow - Renewing

Now that you are 6 months into your academic program it's time for three things:

  1. Renew and upload your COUNSELOR CERTIFICATE to your Stipend Application on My HR »
  2. Upload your previous terms GRADES to your Stipend Application on My HR »
  3. Upload your upcoming CLASS SCHEDULE to your Stipend Application on My HR »

You will need to check-in with your BHMT Career Counselor every 6 months as well as upload your most recent grades and upcoming schedule. This process will repeat every 6 months for the lifespan of your program. To set up an appointment with your BHMT Career Counselor, call: 1-844-BEN-BHMT (1-844-236-2468).

Remember: Your most recent Grades and upcoming Class Schedule are mandatory for your continued participation in the Individual Stipend Program. You will be SUSPENDED from the program until these documents are uploaded and complete.

Program Wrap-up: What’s Next?


You have completed your academic program in preparation for the next level in your professional and personal growth. Beyond the Individual Stipend Program there are still resources available to you including Tuition Reimbursement, the Ben 'U' e-Learning Library, Continuing Education Program, and Multi-Regional Training Programs.

Remember: BHMT Career Counselors are still available to help you in all phases of your development. They can help you map out a plan for achieving goals, strengthen your time management and overcome obstacles to success. Counselors can also assist you in writing a resume, interview techniques, completing a job transfer form and other career related matters. This service is always confidential and available at no cost to you. To set up an appointment with your BHMT Career Counselor, call: 1-844-BEN-BHMT (1-844-236-2468).

Best wishes on your educational and professional journey!

Individual Stipend Process Workflow

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