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Regis University

Degrees RN to BSN
Regis University


To Learn more about the program and apply to Regis RN to Bachelor of Science Click Here.
(Do NOT actually apply to Regis until you have been approved to participate in the BHMT RN to BSN program.)


Kelly Lewis
Phone: 303-964-5083


School Overview
Take your nursing career to the next level with Regis University’s fully online or hybrid (a blend of face to face and online) RN-BSN program. RN-BSN courses can be completed in 5 semesters. One on one advising is available to assist you to successful progression.


Because Regis cares about you, the Loretto Heights School of Nursing’s (LHSON) program is designed to acknowledge your individual past learning and work experiences. The program allows flexibility to maximize opportunities for work life balance.


Completing the LHSON program in the fully online or hybrid format, enables you as a student to enhance your technological and computer skills for better marketability in the health care system.


Delivery Type: Fully Online and Hybrid( a blend of face to face and online)
Units for Nursing Program: 30 Semester Hours
Units required for BSN: 120 Semester Hours
Residency requirement: 30 Semester Hours
Length of Program in months: Approximately 18 Months (Includes 5 semesters of 30 Semester Hours of Nursing Program Units)
Cost: $16,100
States: CA, OR, WA, CO, VA, GA
Accreditation: Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
Identify prerequisites required and does it map out to CTU or CSUSM: See Pre-Admission Process Table below. Yes the pre-requisites required do map out to CTU or CSUSM
Do prerequisites have to be taken within a certain amount of time: No
Do you require a diversity education course: No. Can the class be transfer from CSUSM or CTU- may be transferred as an elective
Does the school provide free transcript evaluation: Yes
What is the website for students to apply into the RN to BSN program:
Contact for student questions: Kelly Lewis;; 303-964-5083
Contact for billing questions: Justin Perea;; (303) 964-5288

Pre-Admission Process

  • Applicant must have successfully completed Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology with a C or higher from a regionally accredited institution
  • Have an unencumbered active RN license


Admission Process

  • Application – complete with guidance of admissions counselor
  • Application fee is waived
  • Required Documents: application, 2 professional or educational recommendations, official transcript(s) and proof of an active and unrestricted RN license, background check, drug screen, and other compliance documents as requested
  • Wait for letter of admission


Graduation Process
Graduation application is submitted one semester prior to graduation date.


General Education

  • 27 semester hours of upper division nursing courses and 3 semester hours of Health Care Ethics at Regis
  • Regis core studies requirements comprised of 3 semester hours of philosophy and 6 semester hours of religious studies
  • 3 semester hours of statistics
  • 6 semester hours of upper division electives; and
  • Up to 6 semester hours of general electives. Students are advised to choose electives from the liberal arts and humanities
Prerequisites (attained with a C or higher)


  • English Composition (3 semester hours)
  • Literature/Humanities/Oral and Written Communication (6 semester hours)
  • Economics/Business (3 semester hours)
  • General Psychology (3 semester hours)
  • Developmental or Child Psychology (3 semester hours)
  • Sociology (3 semester hours)
  • Philosophy (3 semester hours)
  • Religious Studies (6 semester hours)
  • Statistics (3 semester hours)
  • Microbiology (4 semester hours)
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology (8 semester hours)
  • General Electives (14 semester hours)
  • Upper Division Elective (6 semester hours)


Please check the Ben-U Transfer Guide to see which courses from Ben-U will satisfy the classes required above.


Prep and Computer Skills prior to Applying
What level of computer skills does a new learner need to be successful at your school?

  • Basic computer skills such as emailing, attaching files, copy and paste, and use of Microsoft Word would be very helpful.


What kind of computer programs should BSN students be familiar with to be successful in their studies at your school?

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Word would be very helpful.


What learning management system is used to host the online learning program?

  • Our Learning Management System is “Desire to Learn”, D2L.


What would the instructor expect learners to be able to do and if a student needs help in sharpening their computer skills, do you have any suggestions or programs to help the student?

  • The instructor’s expectations are built into the courses and involve attaching files, emailing, and posting in discussion forums. We offer D2L orientation to all new students, our ITS department offers group and individual instruction assistance, faculty are very helpful, and our library offers data search instruction and 24 hour support.


Does the institution require students to attend an orientation?

  • Yes, an orientation is expected for either online and campus based students.


Is there an application fee?

  • The application fee is waived for programs included in this RFP.


Do the students have to have a Associates Degree in Nursing prior to applying into the BSN program?

  • Yes, students are admitted with a current and unencumbered nursing license. This would require that the student has completed an ADN program and successfully taken the nurse licensing exam, N-CLEX.
Program Details

Coursework in this program is provided in an eight-week accelerated format and delivered both online and in hybrid format. Practicum experiences and service learning augment online and hybrid learning experiences.


Regis University/Loretto Heights School of Nursing (10% discount)
Course & Class Name Units Cost
HCE430 – Applied Ethics in Health Care 8 weeks $1,444.50
NR444R – Professional Role Development 8 weeks $1,444.50
NR460R – Evidence Based Practice in Nursing 8 weeks $1,444.50
NR448R – Updates in Illness and Disease Management 8 weeks $1,444.50
NR455R – Health Promotion Concepts 8 weeks $1,444.50
NR452R – Contemporary Topics in Health Care 8 weeks $1,444.50
NR466R – Community Health Nursing 8 weeks $1,444.50
NR478R – Community Health Practicum 8 weeks $1,444.50
NR480R – The Nurse Leader Manager 8 weeks $1,444.50
NR485R – Leadership in Nursing Capstone 8 weeks $1,444.50
Total: $14,445.00
Books, Fees, Lab, Graduation: $1,655.00
Grand Total: $16,600.00