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Northwest Counselors

Northwest Region Career Counselor
Richard Vicenzi, MBA, MSAM


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“Job security in the 21st century consists of remaining aware of and adapting to the changing nature of our work. It means being engaged in our own ongoing program of ‘continuous improvement’.”


Richard spent four years as a Career Counselor in the Southern California Region for BHMT prior to transferring to the Northwest Region in 2011. He has spent the majority of his career involved with various aspects of employment, recruitment, retention, and corporate culture issues, both within the operational context of an internal employee and as an analyst and advisor as an outside consultant. His expertise ranges across a broad spectrum of career management concerns, including career advancement, career shifting, organizational vitality & culture, succession planning, organizational change, training & development, and inclusion & diversity. He has worked with companies in multiple industries. His extensive and diverse base of experience provides a solid platform from which to assist those seeking assistance on devising an effective career path in these rapidly changing times. This broad range of exposure to different industries, types of organizations and organizational contexts adds to his ability to understand and relate to how various organizational factors influence an individual’s potential options and eventual success.


After graduating from the University of California, Riverside with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, he spent several years in operations management with a Southern California retail chain. He left retail to return to school and received his MBA from UCLA. Several years later, he completed the course work for the doctoral program in Organization Design and Strategy at Claremont Graduate University’s Drucker School of Management, receiving an MS in Advanced Management. Richard is a member of the National Career Development Association and the Oregon Career Development Association and is certified as a Global Career Development Facilitator. He also holds a certification in Strategic Workforce Planning from the Human Capital Institute. He also currently serves on the Linfield College/Good Samaritan School of Nursing Inclusion & Diversity Advisory Council.


Richard is an avid hiker and photographer, and enjoys the tremendous opportunities for both that living in Oregon brings.