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COMING March 15 — You can self-enroll for Academic Certificates and Digital Credentials!
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Make A Plan


What is an Education Plan?

An Education Plan lays out what courses you need to take, what courses you have taken, and what courses you will be taking to reach your educational goal. An Academic Advisor examines your transcripts and your school requirements to help you plot a schedule of courses to take within a set timeline.



What is a Financial Plan?

Once you have an Education Plan, you can calculate the cost of your training. An Academic Advisor will help you add the school expenses, review your own financial resources, and suggest other resources to supplement when needed. BHMT and Kaiser Permanente’s support resources such as free college classes and Tuition Reimbursement should be included in your planning.


Contact an InsideTrack Academic Success Coach to help you make educational and financial plans.


Academic Success Coaching

Academic Success Coaches at InsideTrack can help you find schools that are appropriate for your needs. An Academic Success Coach will review your transcripts and discuss your educational goals, then recommend school programs that are a good fit.

Set up an appointment with an InsideTrack Academic Success Coach.



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