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Linfield College

Degrees RN to BSN
Linfield College


To Learn more about the program and apply to Linfield Click Here.
(Do NOT actually apply to Linfield until you have been approved to participate in the BHMT RN to BSN program.)


Eric Bocan
Admission Counselor
Phone: 503-413-6844


School Overview
The Linfield-Good Samaritan School of Nursing Online RN to BSN Program is a BSN degree completion program for registered nurses. The program is designed for working nurses who are balancing work, family, and the desire to advance their education in a rigorous and flexible learning environment. Students work closely with a supportive team of academic and faculty advisors throughout the program. RN to BSN faculty are certified in online education.


The program includes a community-centered curriculum that builds on the nurse’s previous education and clinical experience to build the nurse’s leadership, evidence-based practice, cultural sensitivity, and population health. Experiential learning experiences focus on preparing the RN for advancing his/her practice in a complex health care environment and a diverse global community. In the final capstone course, students have the opportunity to participate in community leadership experiences in their local community or through an international service experience.


Delivery Type: Online
Units for Nursing Program: 24 credits in the nursing major, 31 prior learning credits are awarded at the successful completion of NURS 308.
Units for Nursing Core: 24 semester credits
Units required for BSN: 30 semester credits
Residency requirement – how many units have to be taken at the school? 30
Length of Program: 15 month sequence for RN to BSN courses; up to 18-24 months if major prerequisites or general education courses are needed.
Estimate Cost: average cost $16,140
States: Linfield College State Authorizations
Accreditation: Regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. See all program accreditation at
Do prerequisites have to be taken within a certain amount of time? No
Do you require a diversity education course? No.
Can the class be transferred from CSUSM or CTU? Not needed
Free transcript evaluation: Yes. Free pre-admission transcript evaluations are offered by Linfield’s admission counselors to assist students in understanding how their transfer credits will be applied to their BSN. Official evaluations are completed by the Registrar’s office once the student applies for admission and submits official transcripts from all institutions attended.
International transcripts: Applicants with international credentials will need to provide official or certified copies of academic records and a credential evaluation from a certified credentialing agency. Syllabi or course descriptions may be requested in order to determine if credits can be applied to prerequisites, general education, or electives.

Contact for student questions: Eric Bocan,, Admission Counselor, 503-413-6844
Contact for billing questions: Tara Kleinberg,, 503-883-2460


Pre-Admission Process

  • Students interested in Linfield College’s RN to BSN program are encouraged to contact Eric Bocan, Admission Counselor, to discuss the first steps of the admission process. You will be connected to an admission counselor who will provide a pre-admission transcript review and support throughout the admission process.


Admission Process

Applicants should complete Linfield’s online admission application (free for Ben Hudnall applicants) once approved by the Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust.

  • In addition to the application, students should submit an official copy of their transcripts from all colleges and universities where they have earned credit.

A free pre-admission transcript evaluation can be provided upon request prior to application submission. A review of general education requirements and prerequisite courses will be provided. Upon offer of admission, students will receive an official evaluation.



Prior to admission to the RN to BSN Program (matriculation to the major), the following are required:

  • Evidence of an overall GPA of 2.75
  • Proof of an unencumbered RN License
  • A criminal background check
  • Required Pre-Requisites include (no expiration date on credits previously taken):
    • Natural and Sciences: 12 semester or 18 quarter credits
    • Social or Behavior Sciences: 3 semester or 4 quarter credits
    • College Writing: 3 semester or 5 quarter credits
    • College Level Statistics: 3 semester credits or 4 quarter credits
    • Nutrition (General College Nutrition): No minimum credit requirement.
  • Please check the Ben-U Transfer Guide to see which courses from Ben-U will satisfy the classes required above


Graduation Process

  • Students work one-on-one with their academic advisor to determine a graduation timeline
  • Academic advisors assist students throughout the process of completing course exemplars to meet general education course requirements
  • Students fill out an “intent to graduate” form in advance of graduation


Prep and Computer Skills Prior to Applying

  • Students will need an understanding of Microsoft Office suite of programs, primarily Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

What learning management system is used to host the online learning program?

  • Blackboard Learn is used for the online program. The RN to BSN students participate in an online Orientation at the start of the program that takes place in the Blackboard Learning platform. They are provided with multiple tutorials and supportive activities within the orientation.

Does the institution require students to attend an orientation?

  • An online orientation takes place entirely online at the start of the first RN to BSN course. There is no requirement that students attend an orientation on campus.
  • The orientation is delivered asynchronously so that students can attend at a time that is flexible to their work and family schedule.
  • Linfield College requires that RN to BSN students participate in the online orientation in order to maximize their success in the program and learn the details about the program early on. Some of the topics include: Blackboard Tutorials, Library Program, Learner Support, APA and Writing Support, Program Requirements, IT Support, Adult Learning and Time Management, and more.
Course Semester
Estimated Costs
15% Discount for BHMT recipients
NURS 308 – RN to BSN Transition to Professional Nursing Practice 6 $480/credit
BHMT rate $408/credit
NURS 310- RN to BSN Professional Communication in Diverse Communities 3 $480/credit
BHMT rate $408/credit
NURS 321- RN to BSN Evidence Based Nursing 3 $480/credit
BHMT rate $408/credit
NURS 462- RN to BSN Population Based Nursing 3 $480/credit
BHMT rate $408/credit
NURS 471- RN to BSN Nursing Leadership 3 $480/credit
BHMT rate $408/credit
NURS 476- RN to BSN Integrated Experiential Learning 6 $480/credit
BHMT rate $408/credit
Total Credits in the RN to BSN Major / Cost 24
BHMT $9,792
Estimated Pre-Req & General Education
BHMT $4,488
Total Estimated Tuition Cost
BHMT $14,280
Waived Fees: Application Fee (50), Prior Learning Fee (525) 0
Estimated Fees: Experiential Learning (100), Liability (60) 160
Estimated Online Fee (min 8 courses/$150/course) 1200
Estimated Book Costs 500
Total Estimated Program Costs for BHMT Recipients $16,140