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KP Resources

KP Resources

Look Here!! For information on the Kaiser Permanente Organizational Structure


For an overview of the types of careers, job families and services available at Kaiser Permanente, the KP Careers Website is a good place to start. (On the KP Careers Website, make sure you click the icon to the left of the KP logo to make your selection)

Career Paths

Career paths highlight many key healthcare positions at Kaiser by department within each region. When you are researching job titles, go to the KP Career Planning website and choose Find your Direction to view your region’s unique set of career paths. Click on each job title in the career path to get details on each position.



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KP Mentoring

Make a friend. Build your network. Use the KP Mentoring website to get information on new job areas that interests you or to build long term relationships in a job area you want to move into.



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Union Career Ladders

Go to your Local Bargaining Agreement to learn more about job titles, pay scales and advancement ladders within your union at Kaiser.


Find Current Union Contracts

Kaiser Permanente Hiring Managers

Use the KP Phonebook to research job titles and contact names in various departments within KP facilities.


CLICK HERE and type in the location, choose a department, click GO. Next find the underlined  Show People for Campus and click on it.
(This link will work for KP employees only inside the KP network)