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Job Search

Introduction: The KP Job Search

If you have looked for a new job within Kaiser, you already know: It Ain’t Easy! Here you’ll find the tips and tools you need to mount an effective job search campaign within the Kaiser Permanente organization.

KP Job Search

This is the main website where all the current KP jobs are posted. Employees, non-employees, managers and KP recruiters use this website to facilitate job search and hiring. The “Search jobs” tab in the “Employee job search” section (on the right) is where you will spend the most time.

KP Profile & Resume

KP Profile and Resume are very important to the hiring process at Kaiser. The online profile will have your whole job history. Attached resumes will target the experience you have that relates to the posting you are applying for.



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Social Media

Just about every individual and organization has a social presence which creates a powerful resource for career development. Build your professional presence online to market your brand, build trust and credibility, share content, follow trends, find new resources and network.



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Kaiser recruiters don’t want to look through 400 new resumes per day for the right candidate. They want a recommendation. This is a critical factor in a Kaiser Permanente job search. So how can you build and maintain your network of contacts and connections?



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A hiring manager most often wants an introduction to you as a candidate for their position. Whether this is a formal interview or a more casual “meet & greet”, it is important to make a good impression.



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