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Job Change

Job Change

Ready to advance or get a new job? The Quick Tips topics below cover the most important things you need to do to make a successful job change. Use these Quick Tips to get where you want to go in KP!

Quick Tips

Searching & Applying for KP Jobs

Follow tips from Talent Acquisition to maximize your KP job search. Look for key information within the job posting that will increase your success in applying.

KP Candidate Profile

Your candidate profile is one of the first things Talent Acquisition uses to evaluate your qualifications for a job. Review these tips to make sure your candidate profile is an asset and not a liability in getting the job you want.

KP Pre-Hire Assessments

Jobs require passing specific KP employment tests within a designated time frame. These tips will help you know how to access the tests in your region and what you can do to prepare for them.

Targeted Resume

A targeted resume for each job of interest makes it easy for Talent Acquisition to see how your experience and education match the job’s requirements. Learn how to develop a targeted resume for the job you want.


Learn tips for effectively communicating how your skills and abilities make you a good candidate for the position. Whether you are preparing for a formal interview or an informal discussion about new work responsibilities, being able to represent yourself well will help you grow with KP.


These tips will help you understand what networking is, how networking helps you grow with KP, and how to take advantage of networking opportunities within KP.
Need assistance applying for jobs?
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Contact your BHMT Career Development Coach. Whatever you are trying to achieve in your career, your BHMT Career Development Coach can provide support, help you access the available resources, and assist you in creating and executing a plan to reach your goals.

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