Find a Career Counselor

Did you ever wish you had someone who could advise you on next steps in your career?

  • Maybe you want to go after a new position but you don’t know how to write a resume.
  • Perhaps you’re not sure about how to apply for or change positions within Kaiser Permanente.
  • Maybe you’d like to go back to school, but you’re not sure what the best program is for you or where to turn for financial help.
  • Or maybe you’re just confused about where you should be headed in your career.

Your BHMT Career Counselor is a seasoned pro who can help you with all of these questions and more.

Connect With Your Career Counselor

Whatever you’re trying to achieve in your career, your BHMT Career Counselor can provide support, help you access the available resources, and assist you in creating and executing a plan to reach your goals.

Calendar of Events

Where is your local Career Counselor going to be? At your facility? At a local career fair or professional conference? Leading a webinar? Find out and connect with them today.