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Degrees & Certifications

Over the next decade, it is anticipated that 65% of all jobs in the economy will require postsecondary education and training beyond high school. In healthcare – it is anticipated that 83.5% of jobs will require at least an Associate’s Degree, and 94% of jobs will require at least some college. Job openings in healthcare are also expected to experience some of the fastest growth among all occupational clusters during this same time.


Now’s the time to invest in your future – lets head back to school together!

Individual Stipend

A ‘stipend’ is replacement income that is paid directly from the Trust to you, provided you meet certain criteria. Stipends are available for class work or study of up to 8 hours a week and up to $20,263 maximum lifetime benefit, per employee. Talk with your manager to coordinate and approve time off work to participate in the Individual Stipend Program. Invest in yourself and BHMT will invest in you.


The RN to BSN Program is a diversification of the Individual Stipend Program for KP’s licensed RNs pursuing their BSN degree. Participants in this program have the flexibility of using their $20,263 lifetime maximum benefit for stipend payments, tuition assistance, or a combination of both. Take advantage of the exclusive reductions in tuition and fees at each of our provider schools too – regardless of how you choose to use your BHMT benefit.

Degree Completion

Finishing your degree is more than a personal achievement – it’s an accomplishment that can open doors for greater opportunities. Use the credits and work experience you have already earned and your degree is within reach. Choose the provider and the program that works best for you.


Enhance your skills to help build the career you want. Certifications can allow you to specialize within your current field or transition into a new one, add value to what you do, and make you a cornerstone of your team’s success. Our Certification Programs provide life-enriching education to help you drive your career.

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

TAP works in conjunction with your KP Tuition Reimbursement (TR) benefit. BHMT pays tuition expenses directly to your school on your behalf – or reimburses you once you submit proof of payment, versus after course completion. All non-travel related expenses eligible for payment under KP’s TR policy are TAP eligible, so you can combine TAP benefits with other BHMT programs to maximize your opportunities.


TAP into your KP TR Benefit today!

Laptop Lending Program

The Laptop Lending Program is BHMT’s solution to breaking down barriers to advanced learning wherever and whenever you want. As an eligible BHMT participant, we are lending you a dedicated learning tool. Upon approval of your application to this program, you will receive the latest Chromebook to help you connect to your school. BHMT knows that your educational goals will lead you to success in your career, so let us help you optimize your educational experience with your own laptop. You are one step closer to success!