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Critical Skills

Thriving at KP is all about being able to meet the future. That’s what our Critical Skills program is for. It will teach you to take change in stride, dive into new learning and develop the skills you need to carry you forward.

KP Critical Skills

This course is designed to help you meet the future. You’ll learn the skills critical to success at KP including how to:


  • Be prepared to work with technology
  • Improve your customer service skills
  • Contribute to improved performance at KP,
  • Successfully work in collaboration with others
Career Resilience Quest

You can’t avoid change at Kaiser Permanente, but you don’t have to let it get you down. The Career Resilience Quest is an engaging online, modular course designed to help you realize your strengths, focus on what’s important to your success, achieve more balance in your life and experience greater satisfaction in your career. You can exit and re-enter the course at will and complete it at your own pace. Time spent in the Quest will help you develop into a more resilient you.