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Critical Skills

Healthcare is changing and so is the way we do our work. But there are five important skills you can master to be more effective in KP, even as things change. We call these the “Critical Skills”. Our online Critical Skills programs are designed to help you and your team remain strong, focused, and effective when facing change and challenges. Developing the Critical Skills boosts your career development and your job skills. Download this helpful planner to stay on track.

FOR SOCAL: The Southern California Jobs of the Future Committee has created new career resource guides for employees and managers in partnership with Labor, Management, National Workforce Planning and Development, the Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust and the SEIU UHW-West & Joint Education Employer Fund.
Prepare Today for the Jobs of the Future helps employees understand their options for career counseling, training and financial assistance.
Boost Your Team’s Performance gives managers top tips to strengthen their teams—and our organization.
Digital Fluency

Access anywhere for members requires technical innovation. Adapting to new technology in the workplace is a critical skill that everyone needs.


The Digital Fluency course is available now! Learn more and get registered!

Consumer Focus

Delivering excellent care requires employees to engage with members by listening, showing empathy, and communicating effectively.


Performance Improvement

The evaluation and implementation of new programs and processes is an essential ingredient of successful organizations. Skills to translate new business concepts and capabilities into action is essential. Develop the critical skill of performance improvement to find ways to improve care and save time and money, then share successful practices.



The future workforce will require more collaboration between team members. By understanding diverse perspectives and backgrounds, we can deliver quality care.



Coming in 2020!

Career Resilience

How do I strengthen my ability to thrive in the face of change?
The Career Resilience Program helps you stay on track at work and in your career. It identifies and builds on strengths and abilities that you already have. A short assessment helps you discover your current way of responding to challenges and disruptions. Then learn how you can grow to respond effectively and grow, even when the going gets tough.