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Career Resilience

Career Resilience


The one constant at Kaiser Permanente is change. You are likely to experience the impact and challenges of change throughout your career at KP as a result of:

  • New technology
  • Healthcare innovation
  • Policy changes
  • Departmental reorganizations, and much more
The ability to effectively meet changes in the workplace is called “Career Resilience.” Do you have the “resilience muscles” you need?

This video shows how you can learn to be more resilient in your career:


Build Your Career Resilience Now:
Learn to strengthen your “change muscles” and remain effective in your work and career, even when change and challenges knock at your door. Contact your Career Counselor to learn how you can be more effective at:

  • Adapting to new requirements, expectations, environments, or processes
  • Developing new skills
  • Developing new career options for yourself



“The Personal Resilience Profile was helpful for me to identify patterns in my own thoughts and behaviors that affect my ability to manage change. It reflects my strength as well as ways to grow. My personal resilience characteristics offer me guidance to continually practice the new skills and work on increasing my capabilities.”
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