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Career Management

Career Management

What’s Next?
You just got a new job. (Or it feels like you have been in your current job forever…) How do you make the most of the opportunities you have right in front of you and use them to help move your career forward?

Steps for Success


Perform, Grow, Lead – KP has a strategic plan. What’s yours?

You got yourself to where you are now. You see yourself doing what you’re doing for a long time to come. That doesn’t mean you have to stop learning, growing and taking on new adventures! Take this opportunity to determine what personal achievement, well-being, work-life balance and life-long learning really look like to you.


And if/when you do find yourself ready for a bigger fish bowl - enlist your BHMT Career Development Coach to help you explore career mobility opportunities or to take another trip around the career development wheel.



Know Yourself and Your Job Duties
Know Your Department Goals and Needs
Identify Goals to Work On
Vision Becomes Reality — Make a Plan
Engage Your Network and Carve Time
Engage Your Manager
Pair Your Plan with Education
Grow to Meet Your Full Potential