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What do you need in your job or career? What makes you happy and fulfilled? Where are your strengths? What are your values? Spend some time on dreams and desires so you can find the best job match possible.

Contact your Career Development Coach to take one of these assessments.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Where is a good fit in the job world for my personality type?
This assessment provides a useful measure of eight personality preferences that help you understand how you operate in the world and interact with others. The MBTI takes about 30 minutes to complete online. The results are sent to your Career Development Coach for interpretation and discussion in a follow-up appointment.


What are my talents and what do they tell me about my strengths?
CliftonStrengths measures your talents across 34 themes to uncover what you do best naturally. You can then decide how best to develop those talents into strengths. Use CliftonStrengths to answer the following questions:

  • How do you absorb, analyze and think about information and situations?
  • How do you make things happen?
  • How do you influence others?
  • How do you build and nurture strong relationships?
  • Learn more about CliftonStrengths

SkillScan DRIVE

SkillScan’s transferable skill assessment, Drive, provides you with a full-color and detailed report of your greatest transferable skills, suggested career and educational options, useful ideas for skill development, and descriptive language for showcasing your skills in your resume. Drive identifies your skills in three ways: 1) self-ranked proficiency level, 2) preference (enjoyment) for use in your career and 3) those necessary to grow and develop.

Strong Interest Inventory

Where do my interests fit best in the job world today?
The Strong assessment is useful for identifying job areas where you might fit in well. As an indication of that fit, this assessment matches your interests to the interests of professionals happy in their careers. That’s why the Strong assessment is a good place to start when considering new career options.

Personal Resilience Profile

Through this in-depth assessment and one-on-one coaching, you will learn how you can improve your response to change, challenges and the unexpected. The Personal Resilience Profile measures how you use your seven resilience characteristics (or “change muscles”) to navigate change and how you can develop a more balanced and effective approach to enhance your career and job satisfaction.


What do your values have to do with your career development?
Think of them as a compass. If your career is at odds with your true values, you may experience feelings of unrest, discontent, and self-doubt. You’ll feel like you’re moving in the wrong direction and your productivity may suffer. Are you only in it for the money, or do you have ambition to move up the ladder? Is there something you feel called to do? Is your work life taking too much away from your home life or vice versa? Value questions like these can give insight into what you need to make your career more satisfying and productive.

Transferrable Skills

How do I leverage my current skills to build something better?
You have more skills than you know! This worksheet will help you identify all the skills you have developed through work at jobs, in the community and at home. Market and draw on all these skills when transferring from one job, or even one career, to another.