Advanced English for Business

Advanced English for Business

Rosetta Stone’s Advanced English for Business allows participants to observe, learn, and then practice new language concepts in a real-life context.


With Advanced English for Business, this self-paced, interactive program follows personalized learning paths focused on day-to-day work tasks and communications, builds oral proficiency, and gives learners personalized writing and speech feedback. The goal is to target skills such as writing emails and giving presentations as well as individual activities that reinforce vocabulary and grammar skills.


Topics include:

  • Writing E-mails
  • Phone Calls and Conference Calls
  • Understanding & Giving Presentations
  • Leading & Participating in Meetings
  • Writing & Interpreting Reports
  • Managing Your Career

Each lesson always includes a video introduction, vocabulary, usage, usage practice, and a test. Depending on the lesson, at least two of the following activities will also be included: writing, speaking, extended writing, extended speaking, and reading aloud.

Selecting Goals & Lessons
Working Through Your Lessons
Extended Writing & Speaking

Need to learn on the go?!

With Rosetta Stone’s mobile app, you can continue learning anywhere, anytime!

  • Same experience from laptop to mobile
  • App contains full lessons, not just vocabulary cards
  • All progress syncs
  • Downloadable content allows learners to work offline
  • Available on IPHONE®, IPAD® and ANDROID™ smartphone.

Who Should Enroll

Anyone wishing to develop their Customer Service skills and/or improve their business communication skills.



How Do I Register?

All BHMT participants who want to improve their English in Business skills can register and receive an annual subscription to Rosetta Stone’s online, interactive Advanced English in Business skills program. Here’s how to register:

  1. First-time students register below to setup your MyBHMT password
    • Select ‘set your password’
    • Enter your NUID and select ‘Submit’
    • Choose a new password when prompted (if you already have an account at MyBHMT, please use your existing password)
    • You will be prompted to fill out your MyBHMT profile form (allow 10 minutes), this helps BHMT serve you, the student, better.
    • Please click on ‘Submit’ after filling out your profile form.
    • You will enter Rosetta Stone’s site and choose Advanced English for Business
    • Once you’ve registered please return to this page and use the ‘Returning Student‘ button to sign in to use Advanced English for Business lessons.
  2. Returning Rosetta Stone student, please select ‘Returning Student’ button and sign in using your NUID and password.

  • You must be a BHMT-eligible employee with “active” KP employment status.
  • You must have completed your probationary period.
  • You must be a regular, benefited full-time or part-time employee – typically working 20 hours or more per week.
  • Open to all regions.

  • None.

  • Participants must have a reliable computer with a high-speed internet connection
  • They also need a current version of a common browser (such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox)

Student Agreement

This program and participation is governed by the terms of the BHMT Student Agreement. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the student agreement; by registering and participating in this program you are agreeing to comply with it.