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Academic Advising

Let our BHMT Academic Success Coaches help you select the school that’s right for you.

BHMT Academic Success Coaches can help you maximize your BHMT benefits while also ensuring that you are ready to go back to school. You will receive personalized coaching tailored to your specific goals and someone to walk with you step by step, from applying to BHMT programs and getting into school all the way to graduation.


BHMT Academic Success Coaches will help you develop an individualized Learning Resource Plan (required for the ISP) and can also assist with time management strategies, work/life balance, and study habits. They are able to provide additional resources to help you reach your academic goals. In addition, BHMT Academic Success Coaches can help ensure that you are taking advantage of all BHMT and KP benefits available to you, allowing you to minimize the financial impact that going back to school often has on students. BHMT Academic Success Coaches, along with BHMT, are here to support your academic success.

Learning Readiness

Are you ready to go to school? Make an appointment with your BHMT Career Development Coach to check on your learning readiness – and get resources to help you increase your rate of success.